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    Face Probabilities of Archimedean Solids

    I'm looking for a way to calculate the probabilities of Archimedean Solids landing on a specific face if a person would roll one. Of course, not the regular polygons like cubes and dodecahedrons, but something with more than one type of face like the snub cube or truncated icosahedron. I am...
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    Small Modular Reactors

    I am in a concepts of nuclear physics course (going for a nuclear physics degree) and we need to do a paper and presentation on a topic. What I picked was small modular reactors. I was wondering if people had links to papers on new technologies, engineering ond concepts in development or...
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    Group Theory

    I'm pursuing a degree in nuclear physics. However, I have a huge interest in particle physics (i know they are closely related). I am wondering how much a math course in group theory will help me understand particle physics. I want to minor in math, so I'm going to take some extra math...