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    NCl3 (Nitrogen-TriChloride), a new fuel?

    I work at a Pool store where I have many chemicals laying around me. One day I got bored and started toying with the idea of what can I make out of these chemicals. So concluded, here is my Equation: NH3 + 3 HOCl = NCl3 + 3 H2O Simplified: (1 part Ammonia) + (3 parts Hypochlorous...
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    D8-Branes What do they bring?

    In the theory of superstrings (super due to the addition of supergravity) D-branes are compactified on a circle. We know, theoretically, that D5 is compactified to give us electromagnetism. Then there is the M-theory that gives us D11 as supergravity. Now the only question I have, which I...