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    Period of a Star

    The mass of a star is 1.170×1031 kg and it performs one rotation in 28.30 day. Find its new period (in days) if the diameter suddenly shrinks to 0.610 times its present size. Assume a uniform mass distribution before and after. How do I even start this problem? Can anyone give me step by...
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    Rate of spinning

    A bug that has a mass mb = 4 g walks from the center to the edge of a disk that is freely turning at 21 rpm. The disk has a mass of md = 12 g. If the radius of the disk is R = 30 cm, what is the new rate of spinning in rpm? Can I have some help please?
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    Circus Performer on a Rope

    A 55.0 kg circus performer oscillates up and down at the end of a long elastic rope at a rate of once every 2.60 s. The elastic rope obeys Hooke's Law. By how much is the rope extended beyond its unloaded length when the performer hangs at rest? Can someone help me to find the answer step by...
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    Mass on a Spring

    Homework Statement A 1.30 kg mass on a spring oscilates horizontally with little friction according to the following equation: x = 0.070cos(2.50t), where x is in meters and t in seconds. 1) Find the maximum energy stored in the spring during an oscillation. 2) Find the maximum velocity...