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    Using TeX editor

    Hey all, I want to download a program so I can type an add mathematical formulas, extract them as images and use them in a presentation. I download MiKTeX but am EXTREMELY confused with all these pakages etc, I don't even know how to open the program so I can start typing. I found some math...
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    Engineer - Partial Differential Equations

    Hi, my engineering degree does not require a partial differential course. However, one of my calculus professors suggested it may be important when applying for a masters. I was thinking of taking this course and maybe special functions.... would it really be useful? It would be a lot of...
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    Confidence interval - Coop Report, Need Help

    Hi, I am an 3rd engineering student working on my coop report. My job was to design routes for survey work, and come up with figures of potential time savings if this was to be done on a grand scale. The sites are divided into 15 regions (by geography) but are not in any particular order...