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    How broad is nuclear engineering?

    I wonder How broad is nuclear engineering? Is nuclear engineering in high demand? Should I take EECS and ME to enrich my engineering skills? I'd like to get a BA in Business and a BS in NE. Which areas of nuclear engineering (energy, nuclear medicine, nuclear materials ...) will make my...
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    Engineering Nuclear Engineering/ Material Science and Engineering

    Hi everyone, I plan to major in nuclear engineering and material science and engineering. What field of study can I integrate both disciplines? Which field in nuclear engineering is currently most active? Thank you,
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    Mac or PC for nuclear engineering?

    Should I go with a PC for nuclear engineering? xholic
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    Nuclear engineering Subfields

    Hi everyone, I will be a college freshman this fall, however, next spring I have to take upper division courses in nuclear engineering. Thus, I would like to learn more about each area of study. Below are all the options offered by Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department. I would like...
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    Fusion or Fission?

    Hi everyone, First, I would like to thank all of you for helping me with my research paper. The paper was a big success! As I mentioned in previous posts, I'm about to start my college education as a nuclear engineer. I am debating between nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. I understand the...
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    Fukushima Small Leak Is Discovered at Plant in Fukushima

    Hi Everyone, According to my research, the radiation level after the nuclear accident at Fukushima is not considered to be dangerous. However, new leak is discovered at plants in fukushima. How does this danger civilians at Fukushima? Thank you very much
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    Explanation of some nuclear terms.

    Hi everyone, I was reading the report about the Fukushima incident and I do not understand some concepts because of my limited understanding. Could you please help me? Combustible Gas Control. <----- can you explain this concept in simpler language The NRC regulations in 10 CFR 50.44...
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    ME v. Physics minors?

    Hi everyone, Which of the two minors- ME and Physics- is more beneficial to nuclear engineering major, with focus in nuclear power? I know that NE covers a lot of ME. Current plan: Double majors: MSE and NE Minor: Physics or ME Note: I have finished a lot of lower division classes so...
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    Is this source credible or biased?

    Hi everyone, As I was doing some research on nuclear energy moratorium, I came across the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Journal . After reading some of their articles, I realized that they have a very negative view on nuclear energy. I do not completely trust the source but I would like...
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    Current Nuclear Engineer Regulations/Debates

    I am looking for reliable and scholarly sources (books, articles, websites, videos, etc) on the following topics: 1. Current (post-Fukushima incident) debates about whether or not a moratorium should exist (in the U.S.) 2. What new regulation are being proposed for the most current debates...
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    Joint Major (with Nuclear Engineering)

    Hello everyone, I am a high school senior. I got accepted to UC Berkeley, and will be attending the school this coming fall. I want to pursue nuclear engineering in college. Since UC Berkeley offers joint major programs, I would like to pursue a joint major (nuclear + another engineering...
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    Applied and Pure Mathematics?

    Hi, I am applying in college this year, and I consider to major in mathematics. My desire is to understand the actual beauty of math, as well as its application. Therefore, I consider between Pure math and applied mathematics. Is it good to pursue in both branches? and How long it would take me...
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    Field of Study

    What fields of study in science using advanced math and physics (maybe + engineering)?
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    Interesting arithmetic sequence

    Given N= 1.2.3 + 2.3.4 + ... + n(n+1)(n+2), prove that 4N + 1 is a square (n is a positive integer)
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    Very cool problem

    find a 4-digit phone number, given that it is a square. If we add 1 unit to each digit of the phone number, the new number we obtained is also a square.