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    Ideas on Infinity.

    I gave roughly an hour's thought to infinity, and came up with these statements and questions; If infinity exists, where would it go? The only infinity that would make sense is the size of the universe, because you couldn't have an infinite amount of any matter without it taking up literally...
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    If matter = Energy, and matter can be turned into energy

    Is there any information available on the possibility of reversing that process? Simplified: Can you turn energy into matter?
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    Black hole - entrance theory

    I read the following theory: As you enter a black hole, your time will slow, and the entire life of the universe will flash before your "eyes" as you fall in. If you see the life of the universe flash before your eyes, wouldn't the black hole evaporate by then? Wouldn't other matter...
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    How are planck units found?

    I know that Planck Time is the amount of time it takes light to cross Planck Length, but how did they figure out Planck Length? What are all the Planck units, how large are they, and how were they figured out?
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    Random questions + Geometric multidimensional patterns.

    I was reading through various books about black holes, time warps, and multiple dimensions, and now I am simply asking for clarification on a few things, and previous discoveries on something I noticed while looking at geometric patterns via different dimensions. Last part first. Let me...
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    Light Beam Problem

    Hello, I'm new, and I have a problem I can't seem to imagine to solve. Any help? You have 5 light beams, moving from the same line, 1m apart from eachother, all moving to the same target exactly 10 light seconds away. If each light beam sees the others move at light speed, will each...