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    Inertia, Gravitational Potential Energy

    What I'm reading is if you held a meter stick in your hand parallel to the ground and then let it rotate down from the end you're holding so the opposite end falls while you still hold the end that was in your hand. That's rotating about one end of the meter stick. Do correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Artificial gravity in spinning space ship conumdrum

    When talking about the person dropping a ball dropped inside the "artificial gravity" in reference to the person inside the ring the ball would look like it fell straight down. The ball in question will already have the tangential velocity of the spinning ring that both person and ball are in...
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    Artificial gravity in spinning space ship conumdrum

    You're right but as soon as they touch down to the rotating "ring" if you will the tangential velocity will propel them in the direction of the ring and then the ring itself will keep changing their velocity (acceleration) to keep the person in an artificial gravity. Artificial meaning it's not...
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    Does a piano string slowly stretch (creep) over time?

    If I remember from my days of attempting guitar lessons. Guitar and piano strings are very long tightly wound springs. Springs all have different spring constants which is how much force is required to compress or stretch the spring a certain distance (N/m) and if you leave a spring in a...