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    Radiation problem

    Hey guys having some trouble with this question its a new topic in my course The Earth receives solar radiation at a rate of 342 W/m2 averaged over the total surface of the Earth. About 30% of this radiation gets reflected back into space while the rest is absorbed. For the Earth to...
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    Velocity 2D question

    Homework Statement If a long jumper at the top of his trajectory is moving at 6.5 m/s (horizontally) and his centre of mass is 1.1m abover where it was when he launched into the jump, how fast must he have been moving when he launched? Homework Equations Vx = Vox + ax*t The...
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    Projectile Motion

    Hey this is my second post on this subject sorry to bother but i still just cant get my head around it....i have used so many different equations and the answers just dont seem to be correct. The question is Steve and Mark are playing a game of backyard cricket. They set their field up so...
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    General physics question (position,velocity and acceleration)

    Hey I'm quite new to physics and am still getting my head around some equations and the correct ways to use them... This question is just throwing me off because of the angle given and I don't know any formula's that include an angle. Question is.. Steve and Mark are playing a game of...