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    I How do I apply Maxwell's equations?

    For example, if I have a magnetic field perpendicular to some surface and I change this magnetic field with constant speed, how do I calculate the Electric field at any point on this surface, since ∫E⋅ds=k, where k is some constant, could be done with many different vector fields.
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    Need help with op-amp circuit

    So this is the circuit(with equations which were written by me, so I don’t know if they’re correct) and this is the graph I should get, but I don’t know how.( g(x) is the current vs resistance) I assume that those two equations collide somehow and I get that g(x), but I’m not sure. So my...
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    Problem on a chaotic circuit.

    windows screen capture So I built this circuit(Chua's chaotic circuit) and I have to take it to the lab for plugging it to oscilloscope.I need to make sure it works, cause I won't have any time there to fix it or rebuild it.So when I i tested it with the multimeter,there was no voltage on the...
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    Analogies to oscilloscopes

    So oscilloscopes are pretty expensive and I'm a high schools student,I don't think I'll get my hands on one of those.Are there any other ways to measure the signals(an graph it of course)?
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    Question from Griffiths book?

    In a normalization chapter theres an equation(1.21) which says: d/dt ∫|ψ(x,t)|^{2}dx=∫∂/∂t |ψ(x,t)|^{2}dx there was a description:(Note that integral is a function only of t,so I use a total derivative (d/dt) in the first expression,but the integrand is a function of x as well as t , so it's a...
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    An infinite energy?

    In gravitational field its a constant exchange of photons right? Then in ideal circumstances, if one object orbits the other one forever, then it means we get the exchange of photons forever right?which means infinite energy, I get that it can't be observed but thats possible for infinite energy...
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    Transforming heat to electricity with semiconductors?

    Is it real? how does it work?
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    Question about chaos theory

    Well here's my question: what does really "create" chaos?jump between attractions?Can one sit and produce a function which will determine the chaos? P.S my question migh seem a little stupid just because I'm still trying to get a general sense of everything. Thanks.
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    Is there any book containing exercises about quantum mechanics?

    Is there any book containing exercises about quantum mechanics?With answers?
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    Why do we need complex numbers while normalizing the wave function?

    I'll write down what i know and point it out if I'm wrong.So we normalize the wave function because -∫|ψ(x,t)|^2dx should always be equal to 1 right? Has this anything to do with transition from ψ to ψ^2?