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  1. Evo

    Happy 19th Birthday Hon Reverend Dr Evo

    The pictures you posted that mimicked the pictures I posted always made me laugh. :oldsmile: I always think of them and you and storing cat food in your oven. :oldbiggrin:
  2. Evo

    Happy 19th Birthday Hon Reverend Dr Evo

    @collinsmark 2 weeks ago, my dog Chopin, Ming's son is dying. The vet said he is in the final stage of congenital heart failure and could die at any moment. He said it was the worse case he's seen. :oldcry:
  3. Evo

    Happy 19th Birthday Hon Reverend Dr Evo

    Awww, thanks everyone!
  4. Evo

    Can you live on soya milk and fruit?

    @skyshrimp Staying alive and being healthy aren't the same thing, how long can you survive on such a limited diet? How much longer would you live on a healthy diet? How much immunity to disease would such a restrictive diet give you? These are things you should look into.
  5. Evo

    Are humans on the verge of extinction? Opinion piece

    Around 70,000 years ago, humanity's global population dropped down to only a few thousand individuals, and it had major effects on our species. One theory claims that a massive supervolcano in Indonesia erupted, blackening the sky with ash, plunging Earth into an ice age, and killing off all but...
  6. Evo

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Have a Wonderful Day!

    Yep. And he can see this thread, maybe he's lurking.
  7. Evo

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Have a Wonderful Day!

    Yes, It's StevieTNZ, and they will be back shortly. They know they have a birthday thread waiting.
  8. Evo

    Happy Birthday Stevie! Have a Wonderful Day!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday! :partytime:
  9. Evo

    Is quantum entanglement life?

    We are not set up for discussions of this nature, so thread is closed. Forum rules are posted under INFO at the top of the page.
  10. Evo

    Could the Universe be infinite?

    Sorry, we really do not allow philosophy at PF, with the exception in Quantum Physics, at the mentors discretion in that forum, it's a fine line. So thanks again to everyone for keeping the thread from going off the rails, but alas, time to close it before people outside of PF find the thread...
  11. Evo

    Betty White RIP - Golden Girls & Hot in Cleveland Star Dead at 99

    So sad, she was very funny. R.I.P.
  12. Evo

    COVID Covid Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529)

    @Tom.G . I agree, Omicron, from what I've read is mainly in the bronchial tubes, which makes me question what is sending people to the hospital and dying, although right now there have not been many deaths. I may have had Omicron, my neighbor advised me that he had been told where he works that...
  13. Evo

    COVID Covid Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529)

    Omicron Not Less Severe Than Delta, UK Study Says I've got to get my booster shot. I had to got to the grocery store to get items I can't get delivered and there was only ONE other person wearing a mask, a little old lady. The employees weren't wearing any, people were looking at me like I...
  14. Evo

    News RIP PF Member Wolram - A Tribute to a Long-Time Member

    I remember the time he was working, trying to repair, a large vat of fondant (a thick sugary paste, often used to cover cakes) and he fell in head first, he was covered from the head down with pink goop.
  15. Evo

    News RIP PF Member Wolram - A Tribute to a Long-Time Member

    WOOLIE RAM! NO! May you and your metal detector find hoards of gold up in heaven. I regret never being able to take you up on your kind invitations to come visit. :sorry::cry:
  16. Evo

    COVID Covid Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529)

    So, with so many more people getting Covid now, does this mean that there are so many more opportunities for Covid to mutate into another possibly more lethal variant again?
  17. Evo

    Sadly, The Monkees Michael Nesmith 78 has Passed Away

    Wow, he was actually a musician. I'm feeling old. R.I.P.
  18. Evo

    COVID Covid Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529)

  19. Evo

    Would You Ever Buy a Computer That Ships by Mail (Fear of Damage)?

    All of my computers have come through the mail. No problems. They are packed very well.
  20. Evo

    COVID Covid Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529)

    @BWV I believe you posted in the wrong thread, what thread did you intend to post in and we can move your post. Thank you.
  21. Evo

    What is Science? Research & Exceptions

    Thread closed, the OP's original question has been adequately answered (Thankyou to all). The thread has now gone on to another subject which PF no longer handles. See the rules if you have questions.
  22. Evo

    COVID Covid Variant Omicron (B.1.1.529)

    Could the milder symptoms be due to the fact that the individuals were fully vaccinated? And also, remember with Delta, some people died, sometimes within 1-2 weeks after contracting it, while others had no symptoms.
  23. Evo

    Curious, Why No Philosophy Chat Allowed?

    Well, before this becomes another endless thread about why we don't allow philosophy, thread closed. Thanks to all who replied.
  24. Evo

    [Philosophy of science] Bias inherent in the Scientific Method itself?

    I believe QM is the only place discussions that have a philosophical leaning are allowed. They are not "regular" philosophy, which we no longer allow at PF.
  25. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    This is a really good article, IMO on this subject. A "we are our own worst enemy" sort of thing? continued...
  26. Evo

    Are the COVID Vaccines Unusually Ineffective?

    Yes. but all very mild. The long Covid, with the neurological problems I described in another thread, I believe, is troubling. There was a woman that died from contracting both Alpha and Delta Covid Simultaneously, you can catch both, I posted the paper on it. Having Covid does not give you...
  27. Evo

    Are the COVID Vaccines Unusually Ineffective?

    So, I seem to have recovered from a breakthrough Covid infection, thanks to my neighbors across the street (the entire family had it, all 7 of them). I believe I caught it from the brother and sister-in-law of the husband of the sick family. My neighbor 2 doors down had a small Labor Day party...
  28. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    Here in certain parts of the US, mainly the the highly unvaccinated parts, doctors going door to door trying to vaccinate people would most likely get shot. It's sad. I can't quote much of this article, it's too political, IMO. But the conditions in Added later: Link removed as too political.
  29. Evo

    Record-Breaking Heatwave Hits WA, OR & Canada: 2021 vs 2010

    It's ok to discuss the weather, but don't mistake the weather for climate change. Also remember that discussions of actual climate change need to go into the Earth sciences sub-forum and conform to the rules of only known science to be discussed, not the weather. :smile:
  30. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    @Ygggdrasil Thank you! Since her specialist said to get the booster I will suggest that she try to get one asap.
  31. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    And @nsaspook, I had numbers before that people on biologics or steroids were at about 35-40% of the immunity of a healthy person, I don't know where I put that study. Here is another article
  32. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    @Ygggdrasil, I read that immunocompromised people with 2 doses of Pfizer only had about half of the immunity that a normal healthy person had. Do you know anything about this, their specialist said they need the booster ASAP.
  33. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    During the night while laying awake, I decided not to post the articles due to the fact that this is a thread about the Covid Delta Variant and I am already guilty of beginning to pull it into the POLITICS of Covid. It's the governor's ban on school mask mandates. The upshot is the state can...
  34. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    There are actual financial penalties for schools that allow masks. It keeps changing due to the ongoing litigation, I'm going to bed, I can post articles about what is happening tomorrow, but I hesitate to do so because all of the articles name the governor that is behind all of it. If we...
  35. Evo

    Debunking alternative physics theories

    We used to have a sub-forum dedicated just to unpublished theories, and one to debunk and they both turned into absolute nightmares, with one member doing an hour long rant on You Tube about how unfair we were in closing it after he had literally used the sub-forum for his own personal theory...
  36. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    My mistake, their school district was one that violated the Governor's No mask mandate, and required masks. It has gone to court, and the Governor has just won the right to stop masks in schools. Also -...
  37. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    It didn't help that they were not allowed to wear masks in school due to Florida's Governor's NO masks in school mandate. Masks in school may have saved their lives. EDIT: My mistake, according to this article
  38. Evo

    Is there time? Or is it just an illusion?

    And with that, this thread is closed.
  39. Evo

    COVID Reaction to COVID-19 Vaccine (or what to be prepared for)

    I went to the local CVS pharmacy in the Target store 2 miles away, had my pick of appointments, chose Pfizer, went in, sat down got my injection, felt nothing, got a $5 coupon to shop with and entered in a $5,000 contest. Scheduled my next shot for 3 weeks later. Had a bit of soreness at the...
  40. Evo

    How likely is it that I will be infected?

    Or you will get vaccinated AND infected, but the infection should be less severe. I was supposedly infected with Covid back in the beginning, March of 2020, and now I have had both vaccination injections of Pfizer, and hoping for the third since I am in a high risk age group. So infected, THEN...
  41. Evo

    COVID SARS-CoV-2 Mutations: B.1.1.7, B.1.351 & D614G Research

    And now we can add MU.
  42. Evo

    Climate skeptics according to faculty and/or degree?

    We don't have this information, and discussions of this sort are not in line with our rules on Climate discussion. The thread is closed.
  43. Evo

    The Problem Making Clear the Problems

    There is a reason we don't ask a lot of "why" questions in becomes too speculative and too philosophical. Reminds me of the cartoon where the Dog is asking "Why am I here?" "What is my purpose?" Then it said "I'm wearing my Hartz Reflective Collar". I just about died laughing. I...
  44. Evo

    COVID Covid Side Effects: Unraveling the Neurological & Psychiatric Impacts

    I am wondering if this can be the cause of the unexplainable bouts of severe brain fog, inability to stand, confusion, inability to focus my eyes that I have been experiencing since I had the mostly asymptomatic Covid in March 2020. I've not changed meds or diet, it just hits me like a brick...
  45. Evo

    COVID Covid Side Effects: Unraveling the Neurological & Psychiatric Impacts

    I thought it might be interesting and helpful to put all information on known side effects of Covid in one thread. Please feel free to add any information on side effects here...
  46. Evo

    COVID Stunning Effectiveness of the Covid Vaccines

    More on the UK study. Addressed above by @atyy but maybe this has more information for members to read.
  47. Evo

    T-Mobile says data breach affects more than 40 million people

    Security Alert Millions of T-Mobile customers’ information reportedly exposed in cybersecurity incident. Oh great!
  48. Evo

    COVID Booster Shots - Thoughts/News?

    A friend of mine is immunocompromised, but there are considerations that these people need to take. I was talking to a good friend about the booster, and they responded "Yep I saw that, I'll ask my specialist about it this week but I'm sure she'll think it's a good idea. The only thing is that...
  49. Evo

    COVID Get Vaccinated Against the Covid Delta Variant

    This is a hospital not far from me, it used to be part of my territory when I worked for AT&T and I had to go there several days very other week, if not more often.