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    I Were science and engineering seen as distinct fields in 18th century

    Experimental science and theoretical science are both still science.
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    Can I apply Bernoulli's equation to this situation?

    You could apply Bernoulli with extra terms to account for losses.
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    Effects of hypersonic speed on the behaviour of normal shocks

    It sure can but it all depends on Mach number and ambient conditions. You can be hypersonics with or without that.
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    How to derive the reflected Mach number relationship?

    Anderson also says "the derivation is left as an exercise for the reader." If you follow along with that chapter and follow the two rules I mentioned, you ought to be able to derive this on your own. It's a good exercise.
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    The most efficient nozzle shape

    This is literally always the case in a converging nozzle. The flow cannot be anything other than subsonic. @russ_watters is correct in pointing out that your 5:1 comment is only true for an incompressible flow. However, he is not correct in stating that every nozzle will satisfy your...
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    Effects of hypersonic speed on the behaviour of normal shocks

    You don't find much on it because nothing happens. They still obey all of the same rules they did before, and since they aren't attached to a body, you don't have some of the fun interactions you can get with oblique shocks. For that matter, so do oblique shocks. The issue is just that oblique...
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    How to derive the reflected Mach number relationship?

    This is honestly one of the trickier topics in elementary gas dynamics. There are a few general rules you should keep in mind: Always change your frame of reference to one with a stationary shock, where possible. For situations like this, the important jump condition is the velocity jump...
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    I (Airfoil) Why do boats have a pointy bow?

    For a partially submerged foil, you will basically have three regions you will care about: the submerge portion dominated by viscous and form drag in water, the exposed part dominated by viscous and form drag in air, and the surface region dominated by wave drag. The surface region producing...
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    I (Airfoil) Why do boats have a pointy bow?

    Apparently @A.T. posted about supersonic airfoils and got their comment deleted. That's unfortunate because it is an excellent analogy. @Cutter Ketch also mentions this at the end, which is nice. Submarines have blunt tips and look more "airfoil-ish" because they operate underwater where the...
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    Computational Fluid Dynamics and refining the mesh

    Computational fluid dynamics is one of the most computationally-intensive tasks that currently exists. Building a "pretty strong" computer is not likely to make much of a dent in it if you want any kind of simulation involving both size and fidelity. You can likely get away with a local...
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    A Adiabatic Compressible Flow in a Converging Duct

    Consider what would happen if you had a point that reaches Mach 1 somewhere upstream of the throat. The walls are still converging, so does the flow downstream of that accelerate or decelerate? If the Mach number increased past that sonic point, then the walls are converging and it is...
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    Programs Engineering Triple Major (Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science)

    This is literally the purpose of graduate degrees (or rather, one of the purposes). In short, yes, it is generally beneficial to specialize in graduate school regardless of your prior degree(s). Break from studying? Based on what you laid out, what break from studying? If you factor in eating...
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    Engineering Fourier transform when the data is lacking datapoints

    The problem is that this only works if you have a time series that so very clearly has a form that is amenable to filling in the blanks. You can look at this one and say "gee whiz, that looks like a sine wave and I can probably do a curve fit to determine the missing points." Now what happens if...
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    Hyperloop - what happens if the evacuated tube ruptures?

    Certainly there would be some of that, but exactly how much depends on the details of the capsule. Musk's original design pitched the idea that the front of the capsule would essentially be a turbine inlet that ingests a lot of the incoming air and uses it to provide some kind of power to the...
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    B The aerodynamics of a car (calculating downforce)

    Yes you can calculate such things, but it's an extraordinarily complicated process. Consider that McLaren's F1 team pays dedicated aerodynamicists £50,000+/yr to look at things like this, so doing it in any detail as part of a project is probably not very tractable.
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    B Streamline vs Steady flow

    Why is everyone obsessed with turbulence? First, it's not inevitable and there Re plenty of flows with zero turbulence involved, even in the real world. Second, it is only tangentially related to what we are discussing here, yet it seems to be the first thing everyone types.
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    B Streamline vs Steady flow

    "Streamlined flow" has no technical definition in fluid dynamics literature. It doesn't imply laminar or turbulent or anything since it has no technical definition. It's a popular terminology that usually means "low drag," but could mean slightly different things to different people. Steady...
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    Hyperloop - what happens if the evacuated tube ruptures?

    What does that mean? The capsule, which is traveling subsonic (albeit high subsonic) will not encounter shock waves during normal operation. The atmospheric gas that enters the tube after rupture cannot be decoupled from the effects of the shock. It's the same process. The burst occurs and a...
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    Hyperloop - what happens if the evacuated tube ruptures?

    Actually, given the pressure ratios in question, it would likely produce shock waves that travel through the tube faster than the speed of sound (relative to the still, rarefied air in the tube). None of this is true in general. This is, in essence, a shock tube problem. Making a few...
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    I Best way to learn fluid mechanics while in high school

    It's not the same as a panel method. A panel method is one application of potential flow, but not all potential flow problems use panel methods. Panels are one example of a class of simple solutions you can add together but they aren't the only solution.
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    Non-dimensional Navier Stokes

    The proper dimensionless scaling depends on application. I can't honestly tell you what your software package uses, but the scaling you provide does look like a good building block for producing the Weber number in your final dimensionless equation, which would be appropriate here.
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    I Best way to learn fluid mechanics while in high school

    This is a fool's errand. You won't get this in under a month. Your best bet is to finish 3 years of a BS in one of several flavors of engineering if you want to approach this in an effective, methodical way. You may be in luck due to this portion of your request. You can get a lot of good...
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    Engineering How important is the choice of university for postgrad research?

    Not being from the UK, the Russell Group is a new concept to me, but from some brief searching, it appears similar to the AAU here in the states, where it is a group of respected research institutions that loosely represents the top research schools in North America (or more correctly, the US...
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    Engineering How important is the choice of university for postgrad research?

    It's hard to give a good specific answer to such a vague question, but at the end of the day, the quality and reputation of your PhD advisor and research group are at least as important as the name of the school you attend, even for future academic careers. While "famous" advisors tend to be...
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    Other STEM Bibles List

    That is a separate issue, though. That doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the textbook materials being scientifically out of date, and more to do with the fact that academic publishers are greedy and publish new editions that have primarily new example problems and only very minor...
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    Thoughts on Undergraduate Engineering Research

    Whenever I hire undergraduates into my lab, it's a bit of a challenge to structure it appropriately, in part because I think research is, by its nature, not terribly conducive to overly prescriptive structure. I never hire them to be menial laborers and tell them to tell me immediately if they...
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    Other STEM Bibles List

    I am not agreeing with you due to what appears to be differing definitions of "basic level" in this discussion. In fact, I don't think "basic" is the correct way to describe the delineation between what is slowly-changing versus rapidly-changing. The better descriptor is "fundamental."...
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    Is Lowering School Starting Age To 3 A Good Idea

    I think whether this is appropriate or not depends entirely on how we are defining "school" here. A three-year old certainly should not be in the sort of class typically associated with elementary school. However, a school-like environment structured around facilitating the developmental...
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    Other Guide to obtaining research funding or grant writing?

    Aside from what has already been said, I think there is one overarching roadmap for writing a proposal that applies well to basically any STEM field and gives some high-level guidance on what to address. I am specifically talking about the Heilmeier catechism. Otherwise, all of the above is correct.
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    Other STEM Bibles List

    If you think that universities should simply be job training centers, then I suppose I can see where you are coming from, but even advanced materials don't change that rapidly. Undergraduate material is core material that barely changes at all and really only benefits form updated context, which...