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    Studying How much time should I study?

    Study hard is good advice as long as you know your limits and don't overdo it; too much work and no fun eventually leads to a high level of stress and procrastination, so make sure that your study routine is stable (you can keep it for a long time without any issues).
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    Other Wired on Learning Online

    I find that online classes, at least in programming, are much more interactive than it'd be possible in a physical university, and I'm sure that the same could be done for other subjects. After a theoretical presentation, the course can make you complete some exercises to make sure that you've...
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    Respect or Love?

    Respect can be very superficial - you may be respected by people who you don't even know.
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    A Continuous output: logistic vs linear regression

    If your data has outliers, or if it violates any assumptions of the OLS regression, and provided you are looking for a binary answer, it could be a good idea to transform the response variable to a binary one and do a logistic regression instead. It would be interesting to compare both though!
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    Technology vs engineering

    What's the point of this discussion? These broad terms aren't defined precisely, and people don't use the definitions being given here.
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    Why is there a monopoly on productivity?

    Why do you suspect that to be the case? There is no need for an out of the ordinary/genius brain to become rich.
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    I T-distribution, standard error - how to interpret

    It can be proven why that makes for a $$1-\alpha$$ confidence interval for X. This involves: 1) Proving that $$(n-1)s/n$$ is a chi-squared random variable (this is because s is a random variable where normal random variables are squared) 2) Proving $$\sqrt{n}X/s$$ is a t-student random variable...
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    PF culture is toxic

    Yes I saw that he posted earlier, but obviously, he wouldn't close it on the 2nd post. I meant had he seen it earlier than DrZoidberg, after post #11, which was the post that triggered the thread closing. Jesus...
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    PF culture is toxic

    Excuse me, but yours is a rubbish statement that completely missed my point.
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    I would like advice on which sub-areas I should follow for two Masters

    You need to see what kind of jobs you can get in your area of residence, or in whatever place you realistically imagine yourself working in, and what they're looking for in candidates. Why would you spend 2+ years taking a master's, if, in the end, you can't do anything with it? It's better to...
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    PF culture is toxic

    I don't want threads unmoderated either, and I appreciate the work that you and others moderators do to support this great forum, but I think it could be better if someone reviewed thread-closing policies.
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    PF culture is toxic

    It's true that we don't see all of the thread's history, and that's why it can make forum users question the moderators' decision to close a thread that they were enjoying reading/participating in. I think that sending out warnings and banning users from threads would really be better options...
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    PF culture is toxic

    I agree that many threads are needlessly closed, especially the ones with open-ended questions. Moderators assume that because after X posts no objective answer was given, no useful answer will come out of it, and so, for some reason, it's better to close the thread. This assumption is flawed...
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    Psychology: The Stanford Prison Experiment was a Fraud

    I think the goal was to show that people with authority will in time begin to show "evil behavior", and because the researchers, or other people in charge of the research, taught the pretend guards to be evil, it's considered to be a fraud. Though the experiment was badly designed on top of that...
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    Engineering Would I be crazy to quit my Summer Engineering Internship?

    That reminds me of a job I had before as a forest watchman where 99% of the time I had nothing to do. Just take your laptop, work on your own things, and get paid for that. However, if you think that there may be a more interesting opportunity, you should really make sure that you'd still get...
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    Is there an optimal distance between measurements for regression

    What would be the reasoning behind it? To keep the confidence interval as narrow as possible, we should be minimizing the coefficient of variation of the regression's estimator (=regression coefficient estimator's standard deviation/coefficient estimate), right?
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    Mensa IQ Test

    That's a bogus IQ test. I've seen it before on another forum, and people were taking all the wrong answers and still getting a good score.
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    News Chef Anthony Bourdain Found dead reason girlfriend cheated on him

    I think they had broken up already before he saw that photo of her with another man. It's sad because with all the money and fame he had, he even could've gotten a much better-looking girl than that one, and a more faithful one too.
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    Computers for understanding physics

    Some complex problems in Physics can only be solved computationally, and in that sense, computers help you understand the natural phenomena. If your question is, however, if computers can develop the theories themselves - it's possible, but that is yet to be seen AFAIK.
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    Who wants to be a Millionaire logic question...

    If it's an easy question, the lifelines order is irrelevant - the public will get it right anyway. If it's a hard question, by using Ask the Audience first, as you said, will spread out the "guessers" and the right answer should get more chances to get a higher vote %, than if there were 2...
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    I ANOVA and Linear Regression Resource

    Hello, Can someone please let me know of a resource (book or other) that explains how to use ANOVA in linear regression? I didn't even know what ANOVA was until some days ago so I'm looking for something that explains it thoroughly with deductions. The resources I've read focused solely on...
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    What students know: School is all about signaling (sad)

    It's mostly NOT about signaling - even you are taking theoretical courses in physics that will have no applicability in your job, it will certainly help you train your mind do to scientific work and practice your quantitative skills; it certainly wouldn't be the same as just taking the 2-3...
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    What's going to happen to Bitcoins made through fraud?

    Most likely. Although every transaction is public, it may be very hard to trace to whom a wallet belongs and to trace transactions from BTC to USD. If they want to do it properly, they'll even exchange their bitcoins for other cryptocurrencies and then those to USD.
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    Limitation of the number of search terms in search engines

    It should be about benefit vs cost: there aren't enough people needing to search 32+ terms at once, to justify the computational cost (which should increase by each added term) that it would bring.
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    Why are technology giants American?

    US has a big internal market, with low taxes and regulations compared to the rest of the developed World, which very much favors fast growth. It's also a place of excellence for national and foreign students to go to, which helps in hiring talent.
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    Which is you favorite country and city?

    I'd like to visit Russia. My favorite trip was to Indonesia, just because it was quite different to what I'm used to see in European countries :)
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    Can Economics be guided by science?

    You won't get an universal equation that applies to everything in economics. Rather, there are different models for different problems, some quantitative, some qualitative (quality of institutions, politics, and other factors that impact a national economy can be hard to quantify). But economics...
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    Who plays poker for fun or even seriously?

    I used to play regularly online some years ago. I was quite serious at it, always trying to improve and had consistent returns, but eventually had no time anymore to play it because, life..
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    Incredible displays of animal abilities

    I already saw that post coming, just take it with a grain of salt as curiosity I guess?
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    Incredible displays of animal abilities

    Sea lions apparently have a superior long-term memory, and cats have a much better short-term memory than us. And Clark's nutcracker bird has a superhuman spatial memory where he can remember the location of up to 30.000 pine nuts...