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    Weyl version of the Rarita-schwinger equation

    Hello, Can someone please give me the form of the "Weyl" version of the Rarita-Schwinger equation. Thanks
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    How to make an action supersymmetric?

    Hello, i am given an action (only scalars) and i want to make it supersymmetric. Any hints? Do i simply add fermionic terms similar to those of the bosonic? Thanks
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    Proof of a Fierz identity

    Hello, how can i prove by "fierzing" twice that (\bar{\lambda} \gamma_5 \lambda) \lambda = - (\bar{\lambda} \lambda) (\gamma_5 \lambda)? Thanks
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    Lagrangian of QCD

    Hello, In the lagrangian of QCD, there is q which is the quark field and it is the fundamental representation of SU(3). This q is multiplied by a gamma matrix and a q bar. So, how can we have a 4x4 matrix multiplying 1x3 matrix? Thanks
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    Supersymmetric QCD

    Hello, May you please provide me with a good reference that explains supersymmetric QCD, and dicusses the association of the superfields with the particles. Thanks
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    S^5 sphere

    What does S^5 sphere mean? How can I imagine it? Thanks
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    Parametrization of SU(3)

    How can we find a parametrization for SU(3) in terms of angles?
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    Eta particle

    Why is the eta particle written as 1/sqrt(6) *(uu(bar) + dd(bar) -2ss(bar))? Thanks