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    Make 2 computers

    How can I make 2 computer see each other using only one cable, not the cable like a printer's, but the one you use for internet connection ? How to do that ? I can connect to a remote computer with ip ex, but taht way not let me share files, copy files to my own computer, I can...
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    Server how to make it ?

    I don't knoww how to do because I am not a computerist. Thanks, please...please..:wink:
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    Server how to make it ?

    One Server for computers to get connected, for file transfer in a small network. And that is all....Help more please?
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    Server how to make it ?

    Right, I have some computers, I want to set up one as a server and the other as clients. How can I do it? Teach newie please.... If you keep silent, finally I won't know anything, or anyone like me know nothing either, agree ? Post something to help me please........ Thanks
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    NASA Astrologist sues NASA over comet crash

    Well so happy :biggrin: :biggrin: :smile:
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    How do you pronounce hooray

    My exam is just finished Oh well, feel free to pronounce teh word :biggrin:. I am sure in a few weeks, my tests will get mark As or A- 's :biggrin:
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    Mom and Dad, you belong together

    By the way, I am sure my mom is a very active woman, like a computer, functioning very well. I am proud of her. I will test the man out soon.
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    Mom and Dad, you belong together

    Well, that is a nice suggestion, I will.:wink:, I guess he must also have something the same as how my mom feels, dang, why didn't I try to take this as a chance to make things work around ?:frown: I was so stupid..:mad: and couldn't see it till you lightened me up with that advice, El Hombre...
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    Congrats to London 2012

    Ok, Congratulations ! :smile:
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    Mom and Dad, you belong together

    El-Hombre-Invisible chan, thank you for sharing ideas, but truely i need advise so my mom will tells the man she loves about her true feelings, something in her should be out a bit more... I know she is not young, and telling something like that to a big, strong man would make her feel...
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    Why white?

    Do you know why people say, the white, the black, the yellow.... ? What about people who is not white, not yellow, not black ? I know sunlight can burn ou skin to bright black. Why some people's heads are pink like just using some cosmetics ? Thanks
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    PF Member : The Cryptic Clue Game

    Oh, My (no-God), She looks like my finger.
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    Mom and Dad, you belong together

    My mom now is already 53 years old, living in Malaysia. i am now a student in japan, 21 years old. My dad died when i was 8. My mom now falls in love with a 46 year-old American man, an achitect for a construction company in california. She met him on her business trip to America. I know...