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    Particle in shm

    Homework Statement A particle is subjected to two simple harmonic motions given by x1=2[sin(100πt)] x2=2[sin(120πt+{π/3})] where x is in centimetre and time is in seconds. Find the displacement of the particle at t=1/80 Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution The...
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    Summing a series

    Homework Statement Find the nth term and sum to n terms of the series 12,23,60,169,494.. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution well each term is the triple of the previous term minus some constant. 23=10*3-7 60=23*3-9 .. .. This way i am able to write the nth term as...
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    Stopping a car before collision

    Homework Statement A person driving a car suddenly sees a wall .At that instant velocity of the car is v. Coefficient of static and kinetic friction is μ. The mass of the car is M. To avoid the driver should ....(acc. due to gravity=g) a)apply breaks b)turn (the car shouldn't slip while...
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    Simple FBD problem

    Homework Statement see attached image Homework Equations F=ma The Attempt at a Solution I have the relations 1)M.asinθ=N 2)N.sinθ=Ma Which one is correct and why? 3)if (1) is incorrect is the correct relation --M.asinθ+M.gcosθ=N?
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    WEDGE and block

    Homework Statement A block A of mass m is placed over a wedge B of same mass m. Assuming all surface to be smooth. The displacement of block A is 1 sec if the system is released from rest is : Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i have made fbds and have the relations-...
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    Exchange energy of electrons in degenerate orbitals

    We are taught that a reason for the stability of half filled or fully filled orbitals is due to the high exchange energy. Now i get why the exchange energy would be higher compared to other configurations but i don't understand why electrons present in degenerate orbitals would want to exchange...
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    Bohr model energy jump

    Am I right in saying that in a Hydrogen atom when an electron jumps from the second orbit to the first one the energy change is more than any other possible jump (when the jump is not to the first orbit). The calculations seem to support me but it doesn't feel right.
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    Velocity vs displcement graph

    i was wondering what the equation of the line/curve on a velocity vs displacement graph would be which would indicate constant acceleration. I am totally stumped. EDIT:please feel free to shift the thread to any other place if need be, but since it wasn't coursework this seemed to be the natural...
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    Uncertainty in spectrum

    why doesn't the uncertainty principle lead to small discrepancies in the spectrum of the same element in different situations? I think that since there is a whole area for the electron to jump from and to and therefore a small range of values of possible jumps for a single shell, so there...
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    Velocity vs displcement graph

    Homework Statement The graph is as folllows-(SEE ATTACHMENT) Q.draw acceleration vs disp. graph. Homework Equations Basic equations of motion, basic calculus The Attempt at a Solution I have tried to write a linear equation in v and s and then differentiating it w.r.t. to time. but im not...
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    Friction on a flat surface

    We have two surfaces One is completely flat even on molecular scale (hypothetically) the other is a little uneven (but still much less than actual values, ill go with the hills and valleys view) The object used is completely flat for both case( a block) will the completely flat surface have...
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    Loss of energy under gravity?

    Loss of energy under gravity?? (i am ignoring all forces except gravity) by conservation of energy-at any 2 points in time the sum of Ekinetic and Epotential is the same. at infinity Epotential is nearly zero, Ekinetic is also nearing zero(or is it)?? then am i flawed in my above statement...
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    Relation of max velocity and max tension

    a ball is whirling on the end of the string L the max tension is Tbreak the max velocity is vmax find an equation for vmaxin m(mass of ball)Tbreak, L and g
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    Freely falling elevator

    There is a drop of mercury in an elevator (flat on the ground). during freefall what will happen to the mercury.
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    Non uniform circular acceleration

    Homework Statement A car is moving with a speed of 30m/s on a circular path of radius 500m. It's speed is increasing at a rate of 2m/s2. What is the acceleration of the car. Homework Equations That is my problem. The Attempt at a Solution Well i know equations for uniform circular motion...