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    What's the air temperature when Δd=250m

    Homework Statement A hunter wanted to know the air temperature. The echo from a nearby cliff returned 1.5 s after he fired his riffle. If the cliff is 250 m away, how do you calculate the air temperature? Homework Equations v=331 m/s + (0.59 m/s/c˚)T niSinθi=nRSinθR x=Δd/2 These...
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    Time it takes for light to travel 54 cm

    Homework Statement How do you find the time it takes for light to travel 54 cm through glycerin (index of refraction = 1.470 at 20˚C) in an aquarium? Homework Equations These equations might be useful: v= 331 m/s + (0.59 m/s/c˚)(T) niSinθi=nRSinθR The Attempt at a Solution v=...