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    Fibonacci sequence

    Fibonacci sequence and circles The Fibonacci sequence is a portion of the "revised" Fibonacci sequence. Five terms of the revised Fibonacci sequence can be found within five different structural parts of a circle. What are the structural parts of said circle?
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    An elliptical constant

    There is a constant for ellipses, as Pi is a constant for circles, such that the relationship of every structural part, to one another, for any ellipse, is constant. This relationship of the structural parts of an ellipse is the crux, with relativity, of triquametric motion that underlies the...
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    Seminal motion

    It appears that string theory is very dependent upon mathematics; pure mathematics at that. I understand that Kurt Gödel, in the early 1930s, with little opposition during his lifetime, argued that mathematics could not be proven because “one” could not be proven. If such is the case, then...