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    What are the latest therories in physics?

    I really want to know what are the latest (i.e. last 20 years) theories in physics? In astronomy, quantum, space-time, reality, chaos, information, thermodynamics, uncertainty, fusion ect. ect. ect. What is the main idea and what are the consequences. Thank you in advance.
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    Rate of Change

    Hi! As a part of a mathematical construction I used the rate of change of F(s) with s, i.e. dF/ds. F and s are smooth functions. The problem is that s(u,v,w) is a function of u, v & w and actually I need to find the rate of change of F with respect to u, v & w. The question is: what does...
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    Engineering Further Education in Engineering.

    Hi! I have a B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, I've been working for some time with multidisciplinary systems. I would like to get more education and get into serious R&D. I'm very open to any field. I would very much like to hear from someone in hi-tech R&D about which fields have more...
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    An Interesting Limit

    I found an interesting limit: any ideas? :)
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    Linear homoheneous ODE question

    Homework Statement y'' + p(x)y' + q(x)y = 0 p(x), q(x) continuous for x = (-1,1) Homework Equations I. prove that if y1 is an answer to the ODE and y1(0) = y'1(0) = 0. then: y1 = 0 for all x = (-1,1). II. if y1 is an answer to the ODE, how would you find the second non-dependent...