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    Effect of pressure at ocean-bottom

    If we take a steel container, fill it completely with water and seal it back (all this at sea-level), and then take it to bottom of sea, what will happen to the container? Will it be crushed? What equation should we use to relate initial and final volume? Kindly help.
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    Polarized Dielectric and Charge Density.

    Homework Statement A long round dielectric cylinder is polarized so that the vector P = ar, where 'a' is a +ve constant & 'r' is the distance from the axis.find the space density rho` of bound charge as a function of distance r from the axis. Homework Equations Gauss Law. The...
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    Produce Electricity from unused Radio waves?

    Hello everyone! I was just thinking about whether it will be possible to utilise the energy transmitted through the radio waves to produce back electricity for a household. Most of the houses in the world are blanketed by radio waves from all directions. Will it be possible to use an antenna...
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    Time required to empty a liquid filled contaier through an orifice

    This is not a homework question. I am trying to figure it out myself. Let a spherical shell of radius R be filled with a liquid (full). Now let a small hole of area A be made at the bottom of the shell. Find the time required to empty the shell completely.