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    LaTeX Page numbering in LaTex

    Why do I only get page numbers on page 2 and not the abstracts? And then it starts over again with page 1 on the first page in the TOC...And then it starts over again on the first page of the first chapger... \documentclass[12pt,a4paper]{report} \usepackage{epsfig}...
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    Quote on icing/superhydrophobic surfaces

    Hi, I'm writing a Master's thesis on superhydrophobic surfaces aimed at preventing ice accumulation, and I'm looking for an appropriate quote to include in my introduction. Any suggestions?
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    Freezing of water droplets

    Is it correct to say that a water droplet on a surface freezes by heat transfer from the droplet through the water-substrate interface, and a subsequent nucleation process whereby minute particles on the surface (or the surface roughness) acts as nucleation centers? Do you know of a...
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    Linear change due to stress

    Is there a way to calculate the linear change when a piece of MgO is exposed to a stress of 100 MPa?
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    Grain growth equation

    Homework Statement In a nanocrystalline material the grains grow from d0 = 5nm to d = 10nm over a period of t = 1h. The temperature is 500K and the material constant is k0 = 1/s. Homework Equations The Attempt at a...
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    Stress in a beam

    Homework Statement [Broken] a) This steel beam has a quadratic cross-section (A=100mm2). The force F is 10 kN. Calculate the stress in the rod and show that this stress does not exceed the yield strength of the steel...
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    Stress intensity

    Homework Statement [Broken] In this system, a single-span beam is exposed to the following stresses: \sigma_{max}= 255 Mpa at F_{max} = 50 kN and \sigma_{min}= 102 MPa at F_{min} = 20 kN The stress range is accordingly \Delta\sigma =...
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    Is modern banking fraud?

    The current banking system allows the banks to lend out their money up to (approximately) ten times, while still allowing all deposits to be withdrawn upon demand. This is called" [Broken] (FRB). One consequence of FRB is that the money...
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    Twip, trip, sbip

    TRIP: Transformation Induced Plasticity TWIP: Twinning Induced Plasticity SBIP: Shear Band Induced Plasticity Which of these effects can take place in ceramics?
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    Absorption in a silicon wafer

    Homework Statement A silicon wafer that is 200 um thick has no front reflection, 30% back reflection and absorption coefficient \alpha=39.9 cm^{-1}. What is the flux absorbed? Homework Equations Beer's absoorption law: \Phi(x) = \Phi_0 e^{-\alpha x} The Attempt at a Solution...
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    Temperature of black bodies

    Homework Statement Two black bodies, a sphere and a disc, are situated at the same distance a from the sun. Calculate the ratio of their temperatures. Homework Equations Stefan-Boltzmann law: U = \sigma T^4 The Attempt at a Solution At a distance a, the irradiance from the sun is U =...