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    My fish are dying

    A little late coming in on this. I agree with Astronuc as far as moving to clean water when fish show signs of distress. A friend has large fish and keeps a tough (food/water grade) handy in case he needs to move them. In a pinch he's also used a Sterlite clear plastic storage container. I'm...
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    DermaRoller validity to the clinical applications for scar tissue ?

    Any validity to the clinical applications for scar tissue ?
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    Bare Minerals

    A friend sent me some samples of a mineral makeup and I've been quite taken with it. The company in question also addresses the nano-particle issue upfront. Fairly rare in the scheme of things. In case anyone wants to do more research on a product this page has links to most of the larger...
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    Its Evo the one and only birthday

    That'll teach me to wander off. Happy (late) birthday !
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    Latest AZ UFO sighting

    I haven't run into (actually, haven't looked) to see if there's any video. Another apparently unexplained event. Has anyone heard of an explanation yet?,0,319534.story Far Star
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    Doggy Dog world

    Well, ya know, he was just being a dog. Don't take it personally but I'd rather see a disclaimer attached to videos like this. I know stuff happens but I'd rather choose to watch based on content rather than title when the potential for serious injury is involved. Far Star
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    The disobediant eyelash

    You're welcome. :<) There are entire sections on some forums devoted to such things. There are ergonomic designs, silicone vs rubber, slightly curved or more rounded, padded handle or not, $5 vs $20.... And I thought physics was mind boggling. Far Star
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    Doggy Dog world

    I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that.
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    The disobediant eyelash

    Tip for the day: Warm the eyelash curler with a hair dryer on "low". Make sure to check that's it not too hot and use on clean lashes. They've even come out with a self heating curler. Go figure. Far Star
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    Violence In The USA

    I'm sorry that happened to her. It must have been quite traumatic. Unfortunately the circumstance dictated a more than casual response. The car was new It had dealer plates The driver was speeding There was more than one person in the car From what I've read it fits the...
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    Unusual beak growth in wild birds

    Yet another interesting anomaly:
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    Giving back pain

    To be fair, it sounds more like an aversion due to the above circumstance rather than being stubborn. Wolram- go ahead and wear one. It's OK. The chances of the same thing happening are pretty far out there. The chance of getting hit by a car on the side of the road as you're arguing with...
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    Defective Chinese products strike again

    Missed this earlier. Thanks, Moonbear. An update on the heparin recalls:
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    Cat walking

    Good ideas for a patio or yard. The pre-built are fairly expensive but they do have kits and plans on some of the sites: [Broken] My cats used to be more or less free roaming back in the day. The neighbors knew what dogs or cats belonged...
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    Cat walking

    You're welcome. If you order one ask them about adding a handle as far as buckle strength and stitching. The harness might be strong enough for walks but iffy on lifting. No need for further "oops" factors. :<)
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    Cat walking

    I found this review about the jacket harness. The added benefit with the jacket might be more grabbing room if need be. Neighborhood dogs off leash and such (not even trying to picture that scenario). I didn't notice if it...
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    Bird blankies

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    Medical Iron and vitamin C

    I'm sure you'd look smashing in the misty mauve eyeshadow I saw earlier. *<) Seriously, quite a few men have been using mineral makeup as a light sunscreen and to add a little color in winter. A few mineral makeup companies choose not to use nano-particles so there are choices out there...
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    Medical Iron and vitamin C

    Thanks, Jim. I was more concerned with dermal absorption. A number of cosmetics and skin preparations contain nano-particles of coated or uncoated iron oxide with various penetration enhancers and vitamins, C being a typical additive. Due to the reduced particle size the question came to mind.
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    Medical Iron and vitamin C

    I might be posting this in the wrong area. If so, sorry about that. :<) From what little I understand of the subject oral vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Should this be the case, could topical vitamin C in combination with penetration enhancers also enhance dermal absorption of iron oxide?
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    Unusual bat deaths

    They appear to be finding this in a New England cave as well. The fungus affecting some of the bats has been identified as g. fusarium. The bats are exhibiting the same behavior as in other caves. Many appear to be starving and they're staying as close to the entrance as possible.
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    Bee Colony Collapse Disorder

    An update: [Broken]
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    For kitten lovers

    I think I'll stick to nailing Jello to the wall. More rewarding, less angst.
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    For kitten lovers

    When you really want to earn that look of disdain. :<)
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    Unusual bat deaths

    Another mystery to be solved:
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    Long day of drinking at work

    Me, too. I worry when people fall off the face of the earth. It's kind of vexing.
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    Rash Woolie

    I think you're supposed to take them off first. :<) Cotton and cotton acrylic blends seem to be good for holding in odors. I've never had that problem with wool or high wool blends.
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    Rash Woolie

    I didn't think much about such things until I hand rinsed a new t-shirt while away from home. Whatever the finish was had a chemical odor and left the sink full of suds. It might be innocuous but I don't think I'd want to risk it on already irritated skin. I save my hair shirt for that. :<)
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    The Evo protection thread

    All the more disturbing. High-heeled stripper elves carrying Evo off in her bubble. Yep, back on track before the dwarfs show up.