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    Euler's method for a mass sliding down a frictionless curve

    Homework Statement Consider a mass sliding down a frictionless curve in the shape of a quarter circle of radius 2.00 m as in the diagram. Assume it starts from rest. Use Euler’s method to approximate both the time it takes to reach the bottom of the curve and its speed at the bottom. Hint...
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    Work on a Sliding Box

    Homework Statement A box of mass m is sliding along a horizontal surface. Part A) The box leaves position x=0 with a speed v0. The box is slowed by a constant frictional force until it comes to rest at a position x=x1. Find Ff, the magnitude of the average frictional force that acts on the...
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    Roller coaster without gravity

    Homework Statement A roller coaster is designed in an area of the park that is gravity-less. The roller coaster will accelerate a cart with a total mass of 10kg, from the initial position as shown in the figure to point A. After passing through point A, the cart will no longer speed up and...
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    Standing Waves on a string & pipe

    Homework Statement A string 40.0cm long of mass 8.50g is fixed at both ends and is under a tension of 425N. When the string is vibrating in its third overtone, you observe that it causes a nearby pipe, open at both ends, to resonate in its third harmonic. The speed of sound is 344m/s. a) How...
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    Using Energy to Solve Work Problem

    Homework Statement A truck is traveling at 11.1 m/s down a hill when the brakes on all four wheels lock. The hill makes an angle of 15.0° with respect to the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the tires and the road is 0.750. How far does the truck travel before coming to...