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    Proof that LHS coefficients have to = RHS coefficients

    Homework Statement If; a*x + b*y = c*x + d*y x ≠ y a,b,c,d ≥ 0 Prove that; a=c b=d 2. The attempt at a solution I've been fiddling with this equation and have been getting nowhere.
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    Medical MRI Mind Reading claim (newspaper) ::I can't locate the primary source:: Didn't want to put this in skepticism or another sub section.. too interesting. Move if wrong thanks.
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    Potential MIT virus breakthrough? Edit: Thanks to Ygggdrasil: Rider TH, Zook CE, Boettcher TL, Wick ST, Pancoast JS, et al. (2011) Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Therapeutics. PLoS ONE 6(7): e22572. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0022572
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    Solution to paid parental leave badness- economic crackpot or makes sense?

    Was thinking about the paid parental leave schemes. I have come under the impression that they are unfair (unfair under any system) as they stand now. The fact that it exists forces profit maximising firms to give lower wages to women - they incur a risk premium. This is because women, from...
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    Simple economics/business question

    Homework Statement You are employed by a business to evaluate a proposed 1-year investment project that will cost $10,000 today, but generate for your firm certain earnings of $15,000 at the end of the year. The investment is thought to be virtually risk-free, but others in your firm are...
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    Utility maximization of potential disasters

    I've been doing some thinking on what resources should be allocated to stymie anthropogenic global warming. Some figures: Anywhere between 88-98% of publishing climate scientists believe in some form of AGW, based on over 6 large scale surveys. In one survey, 41% of meteorologists and...
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    Is this set of actions moral?

    Freeloading on public transport to and from a homeless shelter where you volunteer for a few hours and stealing a chocolate bar from the shopping center on the way home for dinner/as a treat. If you stopped freeloading the transport and the chocolate bar you would stop volunteering because you...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Assuming materialism; I'm making this thread because I cannot understand the position that free will exists under materialism. There are a very large number of these philosophers and neuroscientists, I've read all (or most of) their arguments, and they've yet to show exactly where the...
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    Finding p-value for a Stouffer Z value?

    Hi, just wondering how to find the significance (i.e. the p-value) of a Stouffer Z. Thanks :)
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    Binomial Probability

    Hi, I'm using a website ( to calculate binomial probability, and I cannot understand it's output. Consider: 1.13860032513458E-11 Does this mean 1.13860032513458^[e*(-11)] Thanks
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    Psi/Consciousness studies alluding to downwards causality

    I've been doing a lot of reading on Psi-phenomena experiments as of late, and it appears as though an overwhelming number of experiments are producing statistically compelling positive results (although, these are small results that are produced over long period of time). I find this amazing as...
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    Consciousness in the materialist perspective.

    Ok, so I know there's a significant camp of people who: (A) Think that consciousness is physical (by-product of the brain) (B) Think that they have free will, in the sense that the atoms moving around their brain don't necessarily cause their actions, or that consciousness is having a...
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    This universe & entropy

    If this universe can be said to have started as supremely low entropic, and entropy can be said to always increase in an isolated system, then isn't it possible to make certain deductions (or more accurately, speculations) about whatever the superset reality is, beit physical or otherwise, and...
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    Why does PI occur so much in physics?

    What's so special about PI? Why does it appear in so much in physics? Einstein's field equations, Coulomb's Law, Kepler's Third law constant, uncertainty principle.... This wouldn't be a co-incidence. Surely there's an underlying reason for this that we don't know yet?
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    Does this experiment demonstrate that conscoiusness causes collapse? The beginning part of this source is cursory, scroll all the way down to the bullet points labeled with numbers 1., 2., 3., 4. and read them.
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    Free will & the soul, Or the brain, determinism/probabilism & the free will illusion

    I started this thread for the discussion of the consequences of our knowledge of physical determinism/probabilism on consciousness. What are your viewpoints regarding what I think are two possible scenarios: a. Consciousness can be solely attributed to the physical brain (it is a physical...
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    Does the wavefunction have a zero value anywhere?

    Does the wavefunction have a zero value anywhere?? Are there any places in the universe where a wavefunction has a 0 value? Or does the wavefunction have a non-zero value for everywhere in space? (0 doesn't equal incredibly unlikely). --- Also, let's assume the theory on the planck length is...
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    Can the Quantum Zeno Effect be solely attributed to decoherence?

    Can the Quantum Zeno Effect be solely attributed to decoherence? In every single case? Is the concensus on this matter opinion, or rigorously tested fact in which every case can be attributed to decoherence? On a more well known note, can the supposed wavefunction collapse (which gives...
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    Two entangled electrons

    I'm not a physicist but here goes. What happens if you have two entangled electrons A and B. What if B goes against what is probable and collapses onto a star 10 billion light years away traveling away from its "twin" electron back on earth. Would the two electrons still be entangled, even...
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    Metal inside a microwave oven -> ice?

    Metal inside a microwave oven --> ice? When I was younger, I placed water inside a tin pan and placed it inside a microwave. I tuned it on, sparks went everywhere and I quickly turned it off. I took the pan out and it was solid ice. How? A while ago I read an article in New Scientist that...
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    Quantum Zeno Effect.

    Hi, I don't know much about physics but the limited amount of reading I've done on this particular observation (is that what you call it?) is mind boggling. Wtf? Is this statement 100% accurate? If it is, what are the consequences for us?
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    How do you explain this?

    This isn't a paranormal claim, I dunno what caused it but. I was watching a youtube video (while at the same time saving it to my computer with the "Replay Media Catcher" program.). I turned off my electric heater (connected to a differnet power socket), and the sound in my youtube video went...
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    Why does ElectroMagnetic radiation propagate forever?

    Hey there, I am not a physics student, nor have I ever studied physics. I have this question though (read thread title). I have googled for an answer but couldn't find any. According to Einstein, we are always traveling through the universe at the speed of light. When we are still, A...