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    Bernoulli-pressure differential airfoil

    Not sure if this will help, but it's always been a chicken and the egg kind of problem. Let's look at a nozzle. We know from conservation of mass that if the area is decreasing, the velocity must be increasing for an incompressible flow. But in order for the velocity of the water particles...
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    Transformer design reference

    haha, yea I actually find those slides when google searching, but they seem a little too complicated for me (I'm a M.E.). I was hoping for some really basic design slides. An analogy in fluid mechanics would be to assume no losses with the fluid being isentropic, you can start with that, and...
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    Transformer design reference

    Does anyone know of a good link to basic transformer design? I keep seeing the standard equations but they don't seem like much help. I can't seem to find any good guides for designing the most basic transformer For example, I will see equations relating the ratio of turns to the ratio of...
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    5 watt radial turbine design - I need conceptual help

    I'm not familiar with where you can purchase your own micro turbines. You would probably have to make them yourself for the time being. A cheap low quality solution is to chemically etch stainless steel.,8346.html [Broken] to...
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    Derive differential area

    Yea, I was able to get that far. I just wasn't sure if you were "allowed" to do that. I've never seen that done before.
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    Derive differential area

    Can someone please explain the steps to derive this? I've seen it everywhere, but the explanation is never given. My confusion arises from the second line. In EVERY math book I've ever picked up, whenever you take a derivative, it is ALWAYS with respective to something, i.e y w.r.t x, or...
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    Drag in Sueprsonic

    I still can't intuitively grasp how a supersonic flow works in a converging-diverging nozzle works. After the choke point, the area is increasing AND the velocity is increasing. To top it all of, the density is decreasing in a flow that is going fast enough to be considered compressible...sigh..