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    Why should one use convolution ?

    hello Why shud one use convolution ?Inorder to get the state transition matrix from x'=Ax+Bu x(t)=exp(at)x(0) + integral[exp(a(t-tau)) bu(tau) dtau where tau is the variable of convolution. i have read that convolution is used when integration is reqd,for instance,in capacitors and...
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    3 phase power

    Hi all, 3 phase power is measured using 2 and 3 wattmeter methods.Correct? can someone explain how these 2 work?I cudn get enuf info on it.
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    Books Please

    hi, Can someone suggest some good books in Control Systems engg. which includes all from laplace to bode plots,nyquist etc etc. Thanx for any help.
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    Q is the quality factor of series resonant circuits

    Hi all I read that Q,the quality factor of series resonant circuits is wL/R ------------>1/R sqrt(L/C).This i understand 1.but for parallel resonant it is R/wL....hmm but why is that?this i don quite get. 2.Then what do u mean by loaded resonant circuit and unloaded resonant circuit...
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    Parallel RL circuit

    Hi there, Can someone help me with parallel RL circuit across ac supply?wats the differential equation ....... Thanx for all help. ng