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    Angle between B-Field and X-axis

    Homework Statement Two long horizontal straight parallel wires are 3.18 cm apart and each carries a current of 9.25 A in the directions shown in the above figure. What is the magnitude of the B-field at point P, which is at a perpendicular distance of 2.25 cm from both wires? Homework...
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    Kirchhoff laws

    1. What causes the algebraic sum of the currents (signs included) flowing into each of the four junctions NOT equal to zero? 2. What causes the algebraic sum of the EMFs in each closed loop NOT equal to the algebraic sum of all the IR drops in each loop? For the first question, I thought...
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    Finding charge density of a wire

    1. Consider a long charged straight wire that lies fixed and a particle of charge +2e and mass 6.70E-27 kg. When the particle is at a distance 1.61 cm from the wire it has a speed 2.20E+5 m/s, going away from the wire. When it is at a new distance of 4.01 cm, its speed is 4.00E+6 m/s...
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    Hi, I really need help with my homework

    Hi, I really need help with my homework!!! I had a home work, it is like: I have a data table, that has Initial Position: 1.652m from the sensor Final Position: 0.977m from the sensor Initial Velocity: 0.003m/s Final Position: 1.366m/s Angle: 27 degrees g = -9.8m/s^2 U represent...