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    2D - Projectile Motion

    Homework Statement I have been given the Horizontal Displacement (Distance), Vertical Displacement (height), and Time (secs). How would I find total displacement? Velocity? Average Horizontal Velocity? Average Vertical Velocity? Homework Equations Um something with cosine and sine...
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    Geometry Proof - Parallel Lines

    Homework Statement Given: AB \coprod CD ; \angleA \cong \angleC Proof: AD \coprod BC Homework Equations Idk how to necessary finish it... The Attempt at a Solution Statement -------------- Proof 1. AB \coprod CD ; \angleA \cong \angleC ----------- 1. Given 2. I say \angleA is supp...
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    Velocity - Loads of Confusion

    Homework Statement A baseball pitcher is known to throw a pitch with a speed of 105 miles per hour. In how many seconds will the pitch reach the catcher if the mound is 20 meters away? (assume 1600 m in 1 mile) Homework Equations v=d/t The Attempt at a Solution Idk how to...