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    DermaRoller validity to the clinical applications for scar tissue ?

    Any validity to the clinical applications for scar tissue ?
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    Latest AZ UFO sighting

    I haven't run into (actually, haven't looked) to see if there's any video. Another apparently unexplained event. Has anyone heard of an explanation yet?,0,319534.story Far Star
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    Unusual beak growth in wild birds

    Yet another interesting anomaly:
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    Medical Iron and vitamin C

    I might be posting this in the wrong area. If so, sorry about that. :<) From what little I understand of the subject oral vitamin C helps the body absorb iron. Should this be the case, could topical vitamin C in combination with penetration enhancers also enhance dermal absorption of iron oxide?
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    Unusual bat deaths

    Another mystery to be solved:
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    1,5-pentanediol vs 1,4-butanediol cost

    [SOLVED] 1,5-pentanediol vs 1,4-butanediol cost Is 1,5-pentanediol more expensive than 1,4-butanediol ?
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    Revisiting the 60's

    For all of us of a certain age- what are your most striking memories of the 1960's? Anyone younger than dirt, what do you think is the most interesting aspect? Some of my favorites-cutting the waist band off Levi's (back in fashion recently). Flower Power stickers. Moby Grape. Hitchhiking...
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    Medical Vibroacoustic Disease

    There are many articles on PubMed in regard to what is termed Vibroacoustic Disease. The majority of human studies appear to center around aerospace workers and long term exposure to LFN (low frequency noise). Is this phenomena recognized as valid in the scientific community, or is the jury...
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    Three wheeled motor scooter

    What do you think of the design?
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    Medical Parkinsons and environment

    Does anyone know if Parkinson's tremors have ever been studied in relation to mechanical vibration in the persons immediate environment?
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    Packaging seals

    I've noticed the metallic package seals on some bottles of isopropyl alcohol and other products tend to flake into the bottle when trying to remove it. This doesn't seem like a good thing. Could the substance used in the seal interact with common skin care ingredients, such as benzoyl peroxide...