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    If you could change yourself into just one other animal (not human),

    I would be a dolphin... swim alongside boats, do flips, kill sharks, and otherwise be awesome. Otherwise I'd be a bear. Or a tiger. Something powerful. Maybe an eagle so I could fly.
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    Schools Picking universities - finding it difficult!

    I wouldn't say this is the case for undergrad. For example, McGill is one of the top 5 colleges in Canada as far as I know... you can probably compare it to Harvard, and high school GPAs are expected to be above 3.5. Transfer students will need a higher GPA because it'll be more competitive...
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    Do women really look at a man's shoes?

    I don't notice them unless they're particularly bad. But that goes for everything... clothes, hair style, hygiene, etc... If someone's shoes are bad but they're still nice, then it doesn't matter. Hygiene on the other hand... that trumps just about everything.
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    Schools Advice about college

    Yeah, I was thinking along the lines of a BA for fun, or something.
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    Schools Advice about college

    Depending on the college you go to, you'll probably major in either biology or pre-med (or a biology with a pre-med track). If you're planning on becoming a surgeon, your plate is going to be extremely full with very little time for a math degree (going by someone I know who's currently in her...
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    Interested with computers

    Agreed, I think you should start at the beginning and work your way up, because I think there are a lot of things people take for granted and think they know already, when in reality there are gaping holes. I haven't read it, but the book How Computers Work has always looked cool because...
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    Best Songs Ever

    I haven't been able to stop listening to this song lately. Mind.In.A.Box - 8 Bits
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    Schools GPA and Graduate School Admittance

    Thanks for posting that forum, DrummingAtom, I didn't know it existed!
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    Apocalypse not

    12/21/12 falls on my parents' anniversary. I've always found this hilarious.
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    Best Songs Ever

    I adore Emilie Autumn for just being her... her style, attitude, etc... but for whatever reason I can't get into her music and I'm not sure why.
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    Global problems, how could I help?

    It's their home. Same as when Katrina hit -- I would never live in New Orleans out of fear, but people go back and still live there because they're so loyal to it. They also likely wouldn't be welcomed anywhere else because of how many people there are and all the political bs associated with...
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    Taking Calculus 1 again. I don't understand algebra. Should I give up?

    I had forgotten most of my algebra as well (4-5 yrs since my last math class), and am doing okay in calculus. It comes back to you with practice.
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    Best Songs Ever

    Since we're on a rock/metal kick... I get all environmentally conscious when I listen to this. Dio's voice is incredible. Black Sabbath - Children of the Sea
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    Physics Science Fair Project Idea ! HELP NEEDED !

    No one here wants to just give you ideas -- that would essentially be cheating. I myself have no idea what goes on in high school science fairs (I didn't go to high school), so it's difficult to gauge what would be the right speed, anyway. Are you able to talk to another instructor in your...
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    Best Songs Ever

    I adore this video! And a beautiful song :)
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    Schools Physics Grad School for Non-Traditional/Older Students

    Ah, no, I don't have an income because I rejected IT and am doing my undergrad degree at the moment.
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    Schools Physics Grad School for Non-Traditional/Older Students

    Why does it worry you? I'm majoring in physics right now.
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    Schools Physics Grad School for Non-Traditional/Older Students

    I had a good IT job with advancement potential and quit to do physics because I just couldn't see myself doing it forever. Sometimes I think I might've made the wrong decision because I don't have an income right now, but I don't miss my actual workplace at all, and my soul has thanked me. :p...
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    BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics

    Well, keep in mind that these degrees would be pigeon-holing you into nothing but space. Most universities expect professors to have PhDs in physics and/or astronomy, not necessarily space studies. If you want to go into it as a career, the job prospects are lower when your degrees are as...
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    BA in Natural Sciences/Mathematics

    It might be a waste of time, unfortunately, but it's really hard to say. Grad programs in astronomy and astrophysics usually expect a strong background in physics, and that's difficult to do without university lab courses. Even though you might choose physics as your sort of "minor" in your...
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    Programs Difference between major, minor and specialist program

    It looks like, according to Wikipedia, that a Speicalist degree is beyond a masters but before PhD. Apparently there's only one school that offers it in the States, and it's in education. Never heard of it!
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    Seperating metals from salts

    Have you read the concept of the activity series? I'd start here if your book isn't explaining it clearly:
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    Programs Physics major

    Some majors require certain things are met before you're admitted, it just depends on the school. But you don't get to that stage until you're admitted to the actual college, as far as I know. Declaring your major now won't hurt your chances of getting admitted to the school, but I don't know...
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    Baby it's cold outside

    Lately here in Vegas it's still been hot/shorts weather even into November. It's irritating. But today we have tons of wind, ominous looking clouds and much cooler temperatures. More like fall should be!
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    Physics Christmas gifts

    I'm the same. I was drawn to physics because I wanted to be an astronomer as a kid, and while I'm now more interested in nuclear and particle physics, I still can't help but look up at night, take trips to observatories, etc.
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    Schools To continue with college or not?

    Yeah, I would advise against a psychology degree. The market is so flooded with psychology degrees it's ridiculous, and is always on those "worst degrees to get in college" lists on Yahoo (though you have to take those with a grain of salt). That said, the best degrees for learning a trade are...
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    Schools To continue with college or not?

    Thanks :) It's from Skyrim, I'm an RPG nerd. :p I was 24 when I got that job, still working my way through a worthless history AA. I had been little beyond a bank teller previously. (I've been in school FOREVER.) Programming evolves a bit, usually in terms of what languages become more...
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    Physics Christmas gifts

    Is she nerdy in general? I would love a lot of things from Think Geek or Innovatoys.
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    Schools To continue with college or not?

    I think you should keep going. Even if you only finish with an associate's from the community college. Have you tried programming? That might fit into your fascination with technology, and is a very active career -- you're constantly seeing your code work and evolve into bigger things...
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    Where can I find a girl into physics?

    Online dating is a good way to find specifics like that. I have a "type" as well (which are nerdy programmer types) and currently live with my boyfriend, who I met on okcupid. I'm no good at talking to people without already figuring out if they're WORTH talking to (which might sound like I'm a...