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    Physics - Single Slit Diffraction

    Hi Guys, my textbook mentioned that how the equation for the minima for single slit diffraction was derived: Consider a slit of width W with 2 light rays, one emitting from the edge, one emitting from the center. Their path difference is W/2 sin T . If the path difference is 1/2 lambda, then...
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    Tension - Conservative/Nonconservative?

    My lecturer defined that tension can be both conservative and non conservative. I'm not sure exactly when the non-conservative part comes in. Hope somebody can help. From my understanding: Conservative forces do not alter the Mechanical energy of the system Work done around a closed loop by a...
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    Physics - Kinematics/Rotational Kinematics

    Hi guys, new to the forums. Got a couple of questions. 1. Suppose I'm holding a ball and spinning it above my head via a string. I increase the speed at which it rotates, therefore I supply a tangential acceleration. This means that the total acceleration of the system points in a direction...