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    Mass participation factor and it's role in modal anlysis

    When we are doing modal analysis, how many mode should we extract? For complex piping system with thicker wall and less diameter the no of modes to be consider is a difficult task. How can I define upto how many modes should I evaluate for the modal results and check it with external excitation...
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    For modal analysis of tubing is it needed the inside refrigerant to be considered.

    For doing modal analysis of suction and discharge side of an air-conditioning unit, is it needed to consider the inside refrigerant?
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    New Idea for Air-conditioning

    Any new IDEA anyone have in your mind can post over here. Whatever be it will be appreciated and if I got something really new, it will be very helpful for me. Any response will be highly appreciated...
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    Modal Frequency of a System having more than two components.

    I am looking for an efficient procedure to find the natural frequency of a system comprising more than two components. Like I have an assembly of system comprising compressor, condenser, piping, fan, fan bracket, and frame. I have all the designs and dimensions of the total model. How can I find...