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  1. Sivasakthi

    Continuum mechanics in solids

    Hi all.. I am currently doing some works on the continuum mechanics. And trying to study the macroscopic behavior of solids ( for simplicity, taken homogeneous materials) upon the action of external force ( which is the stress; pressure). How is it possible to account for the changes that can be...
  2. Sivasakthi

    Choosing appropriate length scale in condensed matter

    Hi.. I was reading some papers on continuum dynamics and its application to various material dynamics. The determination of macroscopic behavior is being studied , considering phononic interactions. As a material consists of phonons of various wavelengths, it is necessary to account for various...
  3. Sivasakthi

    Why we always say that time is forward?

    I have a doubt.Don't know if there is any significance in asking this.But i would like to know the reason why we always say that time is forward?Does it mean that it is always continuous?Can somebody help me please?
  4. Sivasakthi

    Antisymmetry of fermions

    I have a doubt regarding the antisymmetry in the wave function of fermions.The antisymmetry is in the complete wave function or it is in the spin?