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    Equilibrium constant

    N2(g) + 2O(g) <--> 2NO2(g) At a certain temperature, the follwoing are the equilibrium concentrations for the above reaction: [N2] = 8.0 mol/L [O2] = 2.0 mol/L [NO2] = 4.0 mol/L Determine the equilibrium constant. My answer.. Ke = [NO2]^2 / [N2][O2]^2 Ke = [4.0]^2 /...
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    Ionization energies

    got a homework problem... What is the relationship between first ionization energies and metallic and non-metallic properties? no idea what they are talking about here.
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    Second ionization energy for sodium

    i need help with this homework question im having problems with... Explain why the first ionization energy for sodium is much smaller than the second ionization energy for sodium.