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    Aerodynamics textbooks

    hi, i am taking graduate course in aerodynamics and the professor has not provided class with text. He had recommended "Aircraft Design" by Raymer, and also a book by Anderson. Anyone know other good texts on Aerodynamics, if so please let me know. Thank you kindly Manu
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    Some info please on graduate courses

    Hi..i am studyin M.S. in M.E. emphasis on aerospace engineering in california, catalogue mentions i need 30 units total for the degree. I need 21 units of electives at the 500 - 600 level. My question was if i am able to take those 500-600 level electives in any field like ME, AE, CE. I...
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    Book Names

    Hi, just wondering if anyone would happen to know of some good books on semiconductors/intro semiconductor physics. Any names would help a lot tnx. Manu