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    Schools Transferring schools a lot

    Hi everyone! I have a question: Is it bad to jump around in college a lot? Even if your records are good? My background: I originally wanted to go into science. I was about to declare an engineering major at my community college (because it was the closest to physics as I could get), but...
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    Programs Physics BS and other MS/PhD degrees

    Hey everyone, I'm beginning my physics major in the fall, but my situation is a little odd. I have an AA in history (because I had to work full-time through my degree and it was available entirely online at my school). Now that I'm able to finally study what I want, my #1 plan is to graduate...
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    Piercings and tattoos in the physics community

    Hello all, Anyone here (visibly) pierced and/or tattooed? Did it affect your chances of finding work? What about REUs or internships? My gut feeling is that it's probably not that big of a deal for most. I come from a front-end banking background where dress code is everything, and then...
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    Enough math in my physics program?

    Greetings, everyone! I'm going through my list of courses for my physics program, and it seems like there just isn't enough math. According to my course requirements, I basically need: Calc I, II, III (obviously), Linear Algebra, and Differential Equations I. The rest of the requirements...