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    Refrigeration question

    Hey All Suppose ur designing a refrigeration cycle. if u go to the market to choose parts for an 18000BTU/h circuit. The compressor has different ratings according to the entering temp and exit temp, then u have the thermal expansion valve which is also rated in BTU/hr depending on entry and...
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    Masters in Sustainable Energy Engineering

    Hey all I just got accepted to KTH which i hear is one of the best universities in Sweden, unfortunately i'm in a dilemna. I have a great job and good salary and the company would soon become dependant on me after the main engineer leaves in the coming week and my salary can go as high as my...
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    Solar Water Heater

    Just much would it cost you to install a solar water heating system ($/Watt) where u live?
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    Evaporator terms

    1.superheat Psig Saturated Temp Suction line temp superheat temp. 58 32 44 12 64 37 47 10 70 41 50 9 can some1 help me understand the ratings above.. Saturated temperature...
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    Design calculator for Condensers, evaporators, heat pumps

    Hey guys Anyone knows a good calculator for condenser, evaporator, or heat pump design? common unknown parameters would be number of passes, or length of columns, depth or rows..... Thnks
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    Is there a serious IQ exam to be taken on the internet?

    is there a serious IQ exam to be taken on the internet? if possible for free, just feel curious about my IQ
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    News Geothermal Powerplants

    Well most ppl thing this is a clean energy, but i'm skeptical about it. What we are doing here is that we are using the heat from the depth of the earth to cool our water for powerplants. If we build thousands of those to use this energy, wouldn't we be cooling our planet? cause otherwise those...
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    Model Aircraft

    During unviversity we had a project to make a piece a wooden airplane driven by an electrical motor, it was a difficult but lovely experience, in such a limited time and resources that we were bounded with. My question is that would u think that using airfoils instead of flat wings would create...
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    The Universe

    I have some questions about the universe, am not sure whether they are closer to physics or astronomy..anyway here goes 1. They say that we are moving away from the sun! but how and where are we getting the energy for that? My speculation is that the sun is creating energy from mass thus its...
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    New technologies?

    What do you think is a technology we need but don't have? i've been thinking about this subject and i hardly could find anything missing in my home, well except for cooking robots and a robotic maid....but we're getting there soon, anything else?
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    Pool heating

    anyone who has a pool heater? or knows how they are installed? if yes...plz let me know what is the power rating of the pool heater and what size the pool is..i need it for comparison issues. (power in BTU/Hr, kW, J/s...) thnx Elie
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    Usd/jpy , Eur/usd

    Where do u think those 2 cross currencies will go to for the next 24 hrs? i say that JPY is gonna go back to the 120's and still puzzled about the EUR/USD but apparently the EUR isn't going to show any sign of weaknesss anytime soon..what do u think?
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    Heat loss from a pool

    Hi all I found values for heat transfer from a pool on the following website: can someone please tell me how reliable is this information? especially that they didn't mention free natural convection, or is it...
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    Convection heat transfer, Fluent vs Calculations

    Hi all I've been calculating heat convection off a horizontal heated plate to still cool air around it. Since the plate has a size of 50m2 the GrPr number is turbulent i there's no equation in my book to calculate heat transfer by convection for GrPr > 10^11, so i used the equation of GrPr at...
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    Heat transfer between 2 liquids

    I don't know if classical physics is the best place to put this, cause normally i would have put it in the engineering section. There is no governing equation right now to describe heat flow between 2 liquids? another question: flow between 2 liquids is governed by convection, if we place an...