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    Relating probability distributions huh?

    Homework Statement Problem description: A variable X has expected value 0.002 in meters. Consider X - 0.002, scale to millimeter, and we get Y. Tasks: a) Express Y as a function of X b) Relate the probability distributions FX and FY c) Relate the probability density functions fX and fY...
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    Probability. Why can't I add them?

    I forgot to thank you for your reply. I found it very helpful. So thank you.
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    Probability. Why can't I add them?

    Homework Statement Let's say, at a certain university, over the last few years 100 students have graduated with a degree in Computer Science, and another 100 in Biology. Let's also say 60 of the CS graduates found a job within 3 months of their graduation, and 50 of the Bio graduates did. The...