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    Inhomogeneous Linear System Solutions

    Hi all, I have been searching around and cannot seem to find an answer. I am doing a past paper, and have the answers but do not understand one part. I hope someone can help. The question is: A \in M_{3 \times 3}(\mathbb{R}), \vec{b} \in \mathbb{R}^{3}. The general solution to the equation...
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    The vector nature of Angular Momentum

    Having angular momentum as a vector comes in handy when you want to explain gyroscopic precession. Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can give better examples :)
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    New Textbook Forums!

    Aha! Genius! :) I read the first post, although it somehow skipped right by me. Thanks for replying (both Greg and Snow-Leopard). You can delete my posts if you like (don't wish to clutter this thread).
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    New Textbook Forums!

    Great new forum! Already put it to good use and found myself a new textbook for additional reading! One feature that could be useful is a way to sort/filter by sub-field (for example, in Physics & Astronomy Textbooks - Classical, Relativity, etc.).
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    Favorite Scientist?

    Forgot to add Doc Brown to that list. I must be mad.
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    Sci-Fi Writing Tips

    Some useful ones from Orson Scott Card when it comes to naming characters (which I find particularly important in building a character people can relate to). While he does say "rules" I would think of them more as "tips" or ideas.
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    Good science fiction shows?

    I am enjoying Star Trek: Voyager at the moment (just started season 03 the other day). I like the premise and the characters are actually pretty good. A huge bonus, is that there isn't much blab (for now at least) about Starfleet's prime directive. I may read through this thread again soon to...
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    Posting stories in the Writing forum?

    I have no actual sources of evidence that I can find right now Evo. But I have seen it mentioned a few times before in various places around the internet (informally). Maybe it comes from the fact that eBooks have become quite popular, and if you have already shared your work for free...
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    Posting stories in the Writing forum?

    Thank you Greg for helping. It's much appreciated. I already have started writing a little (just a paragraph or two), so maybe tonight I will create a thread :) I agree with Travis_King: For those of you that might one day wish to get your stories published, I would not advise posting any part...
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    Posting stories in the Writing forum?

    Is there a character limit per post out of interest? The answer will effect the next part. One option is when you open your thread, you immediately post some "reserve" posts. Possibly around 4 or 5 (or more if you're planning a long story). In these reserved spaces you can add more to the story...
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    Posting stories in the Writing forum?

    I really like the concept of the Science Fiction Writing forum in general. I have been wanting to write my own novel/novella for some years now, but I just never started for some strange reason. One of the main reasons was to improve my writing, grammar and vocabulary generally. Also, the idea...
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    Posting stories in the Writing forum?

    Even got a story brewing in my mind already :)
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    Posting stories in the Writing forum?

    Well, the title really sums it up to be honest. Are we allowed to write our own stories and post it piece-by-piece as we write, here on this forum? If so I would love to do something like that. I may even include some of the members as characters even ;)
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    Programs Questions concerning a PHD in Caltech

    They do have a website where you can look up this kind of information. I haven't looked through there fully, but I am sure there is enough info there to answer a few of your questions. Good luck.
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    Is Pengwuino ganging up on us?

    It's a trap!
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    New Forum: Science Fiction Media!

    Writers and science fiction? Excellent! Just my kind of forum! :)
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    What is non-Modern physics called?

    I really do not know much about this to be honest, but having a quick look at wikipedia, it says that it depends on the subject at hand. But I am not sure how accepted or common this is. Also, what if you're having a conversation in general, which do you use? :/
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    Purchase cheap and used text books is very good and may just have your textbooks! Give it a try ^^ ***Edit: On second thought, I am unsure if they deliver to mainland Europe. I know that they deliver to the UK at the very least though.***
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    Do you think having a boyfriend/girlfriend while in college lowers performance?

    As has been mentioned, it's difficult to say if it will be good or bad for you. There are many many factors to take into account to get an accurate idea. A big one in my opinion, depends on the study ethic of the boyfriend/girlfriend. If he/she has bad study habits then you stand a fair chance...
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    The Perseids are coming! The Perseids are coming!

    I had a lot of light pollution and clouds were incoming fast, so I only managed to see a single one. Tried early in the morning too, but no luck. Still, the single one was a fantastic sight to see :D
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    Where did you get your appreciation of/respect for, math?

    The teachers I had for mathematics throughout my school life were so bad that they made me dislike the subject (and that's putting it very lightly). Only after I finished high school, when I started looking at universities and courses, did I start to get an appreciation for mathematics.
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    Is Algebra Necessary?

    Regarding the "considerable training occurs after hiring" part. Can't say I have been in many jobs where that happens to be honest. Most jobs I have worked at require you to have the necessary skills before you start working for them. But that's just me I guess. Maybe I am the odd one out?
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    Is Algebra Necessary?

    I found that I used basic algebra after school in regular jobs and everyday activities. Even trying to figure out simple stuff, like finding out how many martial arts classes I could get with my savings/earnings. I don't think algebra should be optional in school.
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    Thesis Joy!

    Very nice! Good job! :D
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    Favorite Scientist?

    Edwin Hubble :)
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    The Alphabet Story Game

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    Discussing wacko theories

    As a casual reader/poster I would not like to see personal theories being posted on PhysicsForums at all. I find that those threads get wildly out of control very quickly. Some people get very defensive of their theories, and this usually blinds them a little to what is actually being...
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    Do You Guys Keep Your University Textbooks or Sell Them?

    I keep them all now. I have kicked myself in the past for selling them and I will not make that mistake again :)
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    Does Thinking Make You Smarter ?

    As Evo said; Playing certain games, like chess and strategy games, may improve analytical skills I guess. But I wouldn't go as far as saying that playing games would make you "smarter".
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    Science and the general public

    I am just mentioning the way my logic goes: Teachers that have specific degrees/qualifications in science and mathematics are far more likely to enjoy teaching those subjects (as they studied them for a reason) than someone who is not qualified. Not only that, they would have a better...