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    Teaching change in velocity

    Good afternoon all, For those of you that teach physics, if an object has an initial velocity of - 5m/s and a final velocity of -20 m/s, do you consider the velocity to be increasing or decreasing in this case? I view this to be strictly defined mathematically, that is that the acceleration is...
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    I Observing Orbital Speed of stars within Galaxies

    Can someone point me to a resource that describes, or describe, how the orbital speed of stars within galaxies are observed and measured? I'm struggling with how these values can be attained with any confidence in their accuracy. Thanks :)
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    I Infrared radiation from friction

    Hello all, I was driving down the road yesterday, and I realized that I don't really have a solid grasp on how frictional forces cause infrared radiation. Can anyone explain, or direct me to a resource that explains, how this happens at the atomic level? I am thinking that the work done...
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    Neophyte Question about Spacetime

    Is it correct to say that two arbitrary charged particles in space have a spacetime separation of zero? And if so, is this the explanation for how the electrostatic force between them acts instantaneously across any 3 dimensional distance. (By "instantaneously" I mean that the force would...
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    Future options as a Physics teacher

    Hello all! I was wondering if any of you Physics educators could help me realistically size up my future options as a Physics teacher. Back story: After receiving my bachelor's degree in business management and simultaneously working in the business world for around 6 years, I became unhappy...