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  1. ssamsymn

    Fractal Boundary

    For my work, I need to check my calculations with an example of a fractal object. I searched on the internet, there are some examples of fractals with their hausdorff dimensions, but no boundary terms related. Also found some 1-d examples, but I need d>3 dimensional objects since my calculations...
  2. ssamsymn

    Lorentz Transformation

    Can Lorentz Transformation be applied directly to a four velocity vector? I mean let v_{α} be a four velocity vector. Is there a form of Lorentz tfm matrix such that: v^{'}_{α} = \Lambda^{β}_{α}v_{β} ?
  3. ssamsymn

    Curvature Scalar in 2-d

    Where should I start from to show that curvature scalar (RiemannScalar) is 2\frac{R_1212}{det (g_μ√)} ?
  4. ssamsymn

    Is there a map from real numbers to non integers?

    Can you help me to construct a 1-1 mapping from real numbers onto non-integers? thanks
  5. ssamsymn

    Classical Angular Momentum

    [Li,Lj]=εijkLk how can I prove this expression classically?