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    Nodal voltages

    Can someone direct me to a tutorial for solving network nodal voltages. Also need to learn how to convert voltage source to a current source.
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    2KVA transformer how do I determine the max. safe primary current.

    If I have 2KVA transformer how do I determine the max. safe primary current.
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    Frequency Equation

    If I'm given v=50 sin(5000t) how do I determine the frequency or amplitude? Can someone direct me to a source? thank you
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    Charge Help

    Can someone let me know if I'm going in the right direction. The electrical force on a 2-columb charge is 60 newtons, What iis the magnitude of the electric field? E =f/q E= 60/2 E=30 If a charge of +3 x 10 -6columbs sets up an electrical field, find: a. The magnitude of...
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    Electric Potential vrs Electric Potential Energy

    I'm trying to grasp the concept between Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy. A charge object has an electric potential, and electric potential = electric potential energy/charge I still can't explain the difference between the two(Electric Potential vrs Electric...
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    Review for Test

    I can't find formula for determing the number of rotations a wheel makes in one minute. Diameter = 26" Traveling at 20 feet per second. is there a formula for RPM? Also need the formula to determine angular velocity. thanks
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    Formula for finding the period of a pendulm?

    T = 2*pi * Sqrt 1/g Is this the proper formula for finding the period of a pendulm? The length = 0.9 meters g= 9.8m/s^2 I come up with 1.90s.. am I going in right direction?
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    A motorcyclics performing a stunt - How long is he in the air?

    A motorcyclist intends to perform a stunt in which he jumps a 25meter wide river. The motorcyclist must jump from a cliff on one-side 20 meters lower than the other side. The motorcyclist approaches the cliff at 50m/s What formula should I use to solve for the Horizontal direction...
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    Angular Velocity Review

    A Ferris wheel has a radius of 8 meters and rotates once every 15 seconds. A 10:1 scale model of the Ferris wheel also rotates once every 15 seconds. Which has the higher Angular Velocity? Solution: angular velocity = Change in rotation/change in time Do I use the formula v = rw...
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    Acceleration of Pail Problem

    Problem: What is the acceleration of a 20kg pail of cement that is pulled upward (not sideways) with a force of 300N. let g= 10m/s^2 Answer: 20kg*10m/s^2 = 200N a = (300N-200N)/20kg a = 5m/s^2 The book gives me the answer as 2m/s^2... did I miss something? I beleive this to be a...
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    Why is it hard to walk without bending your knees?

    In the terms of rotational inertia why is it hard to walk without bending your knees? The greater the bulk of the object mass to its axis the greater its rotational inertia. how can I relate that to walking without bending knees? I understand that with rotational inertia an object...
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    Linear Speed/Rotational Speed

    I can define both terms Linear Speed, Rotational speed, but I need to find the formula difference so I can show how rotational speed is changed to linear Speed. I can not find the formula for either.
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    Kinetic Energy

    The question is: If a sprinter running at 10 meters per second could convert his kinetic energy into upward motion, how high could he jump? How do I solve this if I use the KE = 1/2 mv^2 I dont know what the mass is?
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    Way to remember the difference between energy and power?

    Is there a simple way to remember the difference between energy and power?
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    Potenital Energy

    If a 1000 kilogram car is lifted 1 meter what is its potential energy with respect to the floor? I used the following to solve, PE = mgh 1000 * 1 + 1000PE Is this the correct formula for solving for PE. I am confused with the relationship potential energy and height.
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    Mass and Acceleration

    this question ask How does mass affect the rate of acceleration in free fall: a. In air? b. In a vacuum? If I understand Newtons' Second law all objects in free fall have the same acceleration. I don't get the question for vaccum.
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    Question on Force

    I'm doing self study on physic course I'm reviewing self test and have question on force. A 50-kilogram student stands in an elevator. How much force does she exert on the elevator floor if: The elevator is stationary? For the above would it be true to say that if the elevator...
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    Velocity Table

    My question I don't understand how to add a colums for total distance. Construct a table of values of velocity and total distance fallen at the end of each half-second during the first 5 seconds for a stone at rest dropped from a very tall building. Include columns for time, velocity, and...
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    Constant Velocity

    How do I use Kinematic equation with constant velocity. I only have used with intital and final velocity. A parachute dropped from a 30-meter-high cliff falls with a constant velocity of 1.5 meters per second. Twenty-two seconds later a stone is dropped from the cliff. a. How long...
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    Basic Physic Head start

    I need to know where to start, any good books to help out I'm taking a self study course. I have some study guide from Army education center. I am waiting for video course show up. How long would it take for an object dropped from the Leaning Tower of Pisa height 54.6 meters to hit the...