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    Calculating effects of air resistance on a falling mass

    Calculating effects of air resistance on a ball of mass 0.67kg, being dropped from a height of 4.93m. I have worked out theoretically what time it would take without air resistance using s=ut + 0.5at(squared) however i cannot find an equation that will factor in air resistance. thanks
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    Physics Chat

    Is the physics chat just open certain days or what?
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    Calculating decay constants and half-life

    A scientist wishes to find the age of a sample of rock. Realising that it contains radioactive potassium, which decays to give a stable form of argon, the scientist started by making the following measurments: decay rate of the potassium in the sample = 0.16Bq mass of potassium in the sample...
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    Opinions on determinism

    I am writing an essay on determinism, i was just wondering what peoples opinions on it are, my arguement is going to be that it is possible, but i would like to include other peoples opinions and reasons. Thanks Steph.
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    Predicting the future using chemistry and physics

    In my physics lesson this morning my teacher posed a question. If we had a supercomputer that could predict the result of every chemical reaction in the body, could we predict what out reactions and thoughts would be in a certain situation. And if so, could we then predict how we would react to...
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    REALLY want an A

    i really want to study physics at durham University but they want A's, i really want to do it and i'll work till i drop for it, but i dont know where to start with studying. Any tips welcome. Steph
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    A-Level Practical Coursework

    As part of my A2 advancing physics coursework i must decide on a pratical and plan and carry it out then write it up. Sounded easy at first but i cannot think of anything that would be interesting and easy to get decent results from. Any ideas or suggestions would be really appreciated...
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    String Theory

    I am currently an A-Level Student studing the Advancing Physics course at school. I became interested in the string theory after reading some books and watching Prof Stephen Hawking's documentary. I have decided to base my Research and Report Coursework on it but i am struggling to find an angle...
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    AS Coursework

    heya, I've been given a set of data and told to do some calulations with it, the data was collected from an experiment where a mass was dropped through a light gate from different heights and the speed was measured. I have some basic things I know how to do but after that i'm not sure...
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    AS Coursework

    i am currently doin my as level coursework and for part of it i need to work out what size resistor to use in a potential divider but i have no idea how anyone that could help i would be really grateful,, thanx steph xx