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  1. Jason-Li

    Comp Sci Laplace Transform of the input portion of this circuit

    So I have completed (a) as this (original on the left): I have then went onto (b) and I have equated T(s)=Z(s) as follows: and due to hence Does this look correct to you smarter people? Thanks in advance!! All replies are welcome :)
  2. Jason-Li

    Comp Sci Fourier analysis & determination of Fourier Series

    ANY AND ALL HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED :smile: I have found old posts for this question however after reading through them several times I am having a hard time knowing where to start. I am happy with the sketch that the function is correctly drawn and is neither odd nor even. It's title is...
  3. Jason-Li

    Transmission Line Coefficients

    Homework Statement Figure shows a 50 Hz, high-voltage, transmission line. The relationships between the sending and receiving end voltages and currents are given by the complex ABCD equations: where 'S' stands for sending-end and 'R' stands for receiving-end (a) Given the parameter values...
  4. Jason-Li

    Insertion Loss of a T-Network

    Homework Statement Calculate the insertion loss of the T-network given the values: Rs = 75Ω Rl = 100Ω Ra = 13Ω Rb = 13Ω Rc = 213Ω The transmission matrix and Network are below: 2. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Constructing the matrix: A = 1+Ra/Rc = 1+13/213 = 1.061 B...
  5. Jason-Li

    Transmission Line Coefficients & Definitions

    Homework Statement (a) State what is meant by a ‘distortionless’ and a ‘lossless’ transmission line. (b) A transmission line has the primary coefficients as given below. Determine the line’s secondary coefficients Zo, α and β at a frequency of 1 GHz. R = 2 Ω/m L = 8 nH/m G=0.5 mS/m C=0.23...
  6. Jason-Li

    415V to 11kV Transformer Voltage % regulation

    1. Homework Statement A 415V to 11 kV transformer has a rating of 200 kVA. The winding resistance and leakage reactance when referred to the primary are 0.014 Ω and 0.057 Ω respectively. (a) Determine the % regulation of the transformer at 0.8 power factor lagging. (b) In designing a...
  7. Jason-Li

    Thevenin's Theorem, Superposition & Norton's Theorem

    Homework Statement FIGURE 1 shows a 50 Ω load being fed from two voltage sources via their associated reactances. Determine the current i flowing in the load by: (a) applying Thévenin’s theorem (b) applying the superposition theorem (c) by transforming the two voltage sources and their...
  8. Jason-Li

    Harmonic waves - Fundamental voltages

    Homework Statement An ac voltage, comprises of a fundamental voltage of 100 Vrms at a frequency of 120 Hz, a 3rd harmonic which is 20% of the fundamental, a 5th harmonic which is 10% of the fundamental and at a phase angle of 1.2 radians lagging. (i) Write down an expression for the voltage...
  9. Jason-Li

    Parallel Capacitance - Power Factor Question

    Homework Statement A 50 kW load operates from a 60 Hz 10 kV rms line with a power factor of 60% lagging. Determine the capacitance that must be placed in parallel with the load to achieve a 90% lagging power factor. The Attempt at a Solution For Z at 0.6pf S=P/pf = 50000/0.6 = 83333.33VA I =...