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  1. Tsubaki

    Convert the domain of the Tan function to interval notation?

    Homework Statement Hey guys. So basically I'm doing some Calc I homework and I'm working on the domain of this function: g(x) = √tan(2x+π) Homework Equations Now to determine the domain, I know that the function under the root cannot be negative. The Attempt at a Solution So after...
  2. Tsubaki

    SpaceX Is SpaceX A Viable Option in Space Exploration?

    Hey guys, I'm not sure if this would really fit into any specific area of the site. But I guess I was just wondering your opinions on SpaceX, and private spacefaring corporations in general. I'm not even going to get into Virgin Galactic or Mars One. :P In terms of technological advancements and...
  3. Tsubaki

    NASA NASA: We're sending humans to Mars!

    I'm really pleased that they went to the Apollo-like design of the Orion Project. Upgradeable modules based on the greatest achievement in scientific history really can't fail us. It's an exciting time to be involved in science and engineering.