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  1. TheChemist_

    I Question about Accumulation points

    So we just recently did accumulation points in my maths class for chemists. I understood everything that was taught but ever since I was trying to find a reasonable explanation if the sequence an = (-1)n has 2 accumulation points (-1,1) or if it doesnt have any at all. I mean it's clear that its...
  2. TheChemist_

    Determining graphical set of solutions for complex numbers

    Homework Statement So we have been doing complex numbers for about 2 weeks and there is this one equation I just can't solve. It's about showing the set of solutions in graphical form (on "coordinate" system with the imaginary and the real axis). So here is the equation: Homework Equations...
  3. TheChemist_

    Determining graphical set of solutions for complex numbers

    Hey there! I just have a quick question regarding the graphical adaptation of the solution for the following complex "equation": |(z+i)/z| < 1 What is the solution for this and how do I convert it into an image (with the imaginary and the reality-axis) Thank you!
  4. TheChemist_

    Elastic/Inelastic collision upon Traincrash

    Homework Statement A railway waggon of mass m=20t is travelling with v=18km/h. It then hits 10 other stationary railway waggons, with each one having the same mass of m=20t . (Friction is not being considered) Homework Equations a) Assume the 10 railway waggons are connected through strong...
  5. TheChemist_

    Superman's skid marks?

    Homework Statement So here is the Problem: A big truck (m=50t) is going at 100km/h. Now the truck can't brake anymore and Superman comes to aid. He (has a mass of m=100kg) tries to stop the truck while he is wearing shoes with a rubber-texture and a friction coefficient of µ = 0.8. Assume that...