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    Stepping down from an advanced calculator

    This is kind of sad, but I'm beginning to realize how much I rely on my graphing calculator any more for solving equations and whatnot. I am trying to incorporate a much simpler calculator from time to time (CASIO fx-260) and am struggling with some very basic operations. Say I have the...
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    Why is the newer edition of this book cheaper than the old?

    Larson Calculus Both editions appear to be the complete book (covering all calculus topics through vector calc) The newer 10th edition is less expensive than the older edition. I'm wondering this because I'm about to buy one and I have a choice of either edition as far as my class goes...
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    Looking for literature on a basic topic

    I've taken differential and integral calculus, and have a fair understanding of the material at this point. Last semester I had a professor show something in class that I feel is a pretty basic idea, I just haven't thought about working things in such a way. He put a derivative on the board...
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    I am not understanding this differential relationship

    I'm studying engineering dynamics. The first chapter is discussing the velocity and acceleration equations; v = ds/dt and a = dv/dt. It then goes on to show a third equation that is stated as "a ds = v dv". They say they derived this equation by combining the two previous and 'eliminating dt'. I...
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    What simple concept am I missing about moments?

    In a two-dimensional statics problem involving finding a moment about a point, I don't understand how the result is either in the positive/negative z direction. I realize moments are found by the cross product, and the cross product requires the answer to be perpendicular to the plane that...
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    Can I get some class advice?

    For Mechanical Engineering, I'm thinking about my summer class schedule, enrollment opens soon. I am almost certainly taking Statics, and am considering Physics II. My hesitation is that I could delay Physics II until the Fall semester and just focus on Statics this summer. This would also...
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    Vector dot products

    I'm reading up on dot products and keep seeing two different examples. One states that u\cdotv = u_{i}\cdotv_{i} + u_{j}\cdotv_{j} Another: u\cdotv = |u|\cdot|v|cosθ I'm not understanding when to use the first or second method?
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    Physics forums amazon link

    If I ever reference a textbook (or anything else) and provide an amazon link to it, is there a way to make said link direct the user in such a way that it works for the physics forums affiliate link?
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    Recommend me a book

    Recommend me a book? I'm in the early stages of a mechanical engineering degree. In my second semester of Calculus, currently taking Physics I. I'm considering buying another book to work through. The Calculus book used in this program (Larson 9th ed.) is ok, I don't have many strong dislikes...
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    The natural log function

    I'm reading back over a calculus book getting ready for an exam and I'm seeing a note that I don't understand. It says to make sure, when rewriting a ln function that the domain is the same, then it provides an example of when it's not the same, yet says nothing more. Is this rewritten form...
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    Struggling with the transcendentals

    I'm three weeks in to my Calculus II semester and we've just finished covering derivatives and integrals of ln and e^x. We haven't had the first test yet, which will be covering this material. Things that trip me up are some of the tricky u-substitution methods, change of form, etc., or one...
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    Mathematics for the Nonmathematician

    Does anyone have an opinion of this book? Have you studied from it? Does it cover anything even fairly in depth or is it's purpose mainly for a general overview of concepts?
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    What is the meaning of transcendentals for calc books?

    I see these calculus books, some titled 'early transcendentals' some 'late transcendentals'. What does this mean? What is the difference?
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    Filling holes or gaps in mathematical knowledge.

    I graduated high school nine years ago. The highest math I took then was Algebra II, as I had little interest then. After a seven year career, I was able to go back to school and have made it to Calculus I this semester. I struggled some in college algebra, finding out that there were...
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    Plan to take 'engineering physics' next semester, how much Calculus will I need?

    New to Physics Forums, been browsing a while! I'm a student trying to get in to a Mechanical Engineering program, currently in Calculus I. I plan next semester to enroll in 'Engineering Physics' which, as far as I have heard, is general physics taught with Calculus instead of relying solely...