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    What is the mindelian pattern of inheritance

    Hi, I appreciate for all help, could anyone answer this qusetion, 1-what is the name of the diorder ? 2- what is the mindelian pattern of inheritance for this siorder ? 3- what is the location of the responsible gene?
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    Vor Test

    Hi,:cool: I really confuse about VOR circuit test of couse I mean for aviation, I wanna know how is it working? If anyone has idea about that Please tell me.:frown: Thx alot :rolleyes:
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    Internal resister

    Hi, I wanna know, how we calacute the internal resister for the wire. what is the formula for it, and plase give me the constant for lead matel. to find the internal resister for it.
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    Step up and step down

    Hi, I wanna ask if there D.c device that can step up or step down directly the Voltage. If there, can you show me and give me the design.
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    Reflection in ionosphere

    Hi, why the reflection in ionosphere isn't direct?,
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    Resonant Frequency

    Hi,:approve: I wanna know why if XL = XC in circuit which has only capacitor and inductive. The current will be mixmum not infinity cuz we know the rule which I=V\Z which z is impedance. so the z will be zore so the current must be infinity.:confused:
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    Hi,:rolleyes: How are you? I am again. I really wanna know afew

    Hi,:rolleyes: How are you? I am again. I really wanna know afew information about nanotechology. like what is it exaclty,? where are we gonna use it,? any more information will be better. o:) I appreciate it Thanks alot :wink:
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    How we make Voltage limiting

    Hi,:rolleyes: how you doin?? I work to make voltage Limiting. but I need some idea to make sample device. I f anyone can help plaese do it. I need diagram about his\her idea. thanks alot I appreciate it :wink:
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    Engine starter in airplane

    Hi, I wanna know how the engine works from aircraft. exacly how it starts. Could anyone explain to me. Thanks alot :rolleyes:
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    Operate the auto transformer

    Hello:rofl: , I wanna know about operate the auto transformer, if anyone could gimme the diagram about it and give explain about main function. Thanks alot I appreciate it :rolleyes:
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    Have anyone answer

    Hi:rofl: , I wanna know why does airplane used 400 Hz? and what device can contral the correct frequency for the airplane. Thanks I appreciate it :cool:
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    Three phaes Alternator

    Hi:rolleyes: , I wanna know something about Alternator. first what is the different between Star Connection Alternator and Delta Connection Alternator, and why if we wanna find the Line Voltage from Star we use this formula Line Voltage = 1.73 * phase Voltage, exactly why 1.73, where did...
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    Could you answer?

    Hi:smile: , How are u? I wanna know how is multimeter can value capacitor. also what is design for it, I mean farad unit in multimeter. Thanks I appreciate it :cool:
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    Could you help me

    Hi:rolleyes: , How are you? I am agine, I wanna know something about IC, Do you have web site about all IC design, If you have please help me Cuz I have project about it. I need your help about it. ok if you Could please give me anything can help Thanks,:!!) I appreciate it:biggrin:
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    555 I.C, what we can use it. what it made?

    Hi:smile: , I wanna know what is the 555 I.C, what we can use it. what it made? Thanks I appreciate it o:)
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    What's the different?

    Hi:smile: , I am again. How are you? everything is fine I hope. Anyway I wanna know what's the different between Solenoid and Relary, also I wanna know when we can use Solenoid and Relary. I mean the good places for them. Thanks alot:biggrin: I appreciate it :approve:
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    Turbo Fan

    Hi, :approve: I wanna do porject for Turbo Fan, so I need some information about it. If you could help me, please don't shame and gimme me this information to help me. Thanks,:smile: I appreciate it:biggrin:
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    What's the different?

    Hi:bugeye: , I am again, I wanna know what's the different between Rotary Acturator and Linear Acturator?, if you can gimme simple example about it. Thanks, :biggrin: I appreciate it :approve:
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    How can I make?

    Hi:biggrin: , I am again, I wanna know How I can make simple rectifier, If you can give me graph for rectifier. Thanks I appreciate it :approve:
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    Ganerator and Alternator

    Hi:smile: , How are you? I am a again. I've question about what is diffenent between Ganerator D.C and Alternator. I know the Alternater always give us A.C but we use rectifier when we wanna D.C, but what is the better Generator D.C (it is one Machine) Alternator, when we wanna D.C? because...
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    Could you help me?

    Hi:smile: , How are you? I am a student in Academy for aviation. I study now Electrical book for avionics, I have confuse about Lead-acid battery and Nickel-Cadmium battery. I wanna know what diffenet between them. Thanks I appreciate it:rolleyes: .
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    How can birds fly?

    Hi Room:!!) , How are you? My question is about "How can bird fly?" I wanna exactly explain it, by way in physic. what are the forces which effect the bird? Thanks I appreciate it:biggrin: . Sincere Karim:rolleyes: