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    Blue Water

    "Blue" Water I live in an area that used to be used for mining of anthracite coal, actually a lot of it still is. Recently I "stumbled" upon an old strip mine in the woods. No surprise though around here they're everywhere. There were two surprising things about this particular strip mine. 1...
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    Proxy Servers?

    I've posted this question to another forum but no one there seems to have an answer. I"ve been reading a bit about proxy servers lately. I've been told that there are two reasons to use a proxy server. The first for security and the second for a faster connection. I'm a bit confused with both...
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    Medical Herbs over Chemicals?

    The other night I had two friends at the house for a gathering. One is an herbalist and the other is some sort of doctor, I'm not sure of his specific job title. However that is not important. These two began to bicker about medical techniques. In your opinion are herbs a better way to treat...