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    What percent of the universe is outside of galaxies?

    Summary:: What percent of the universe is outside of galaxies? Hello, What percent of the universe is outside of galaxies? I need this information for a writing piece I am doing. I need specifically to be able to state that if someone was to randomly relocate to somewhere else in the...
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    Boss asked me to create a spinnable image in a website, but . . .

    . . . I'm not programmer, although I do have a basic knowledge of programming and have passed one college course in it. But this could be a foot in the door for me to become useful at something my company might want to expand into in the future. Here is what I am being asked to do. I...
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    Math Required to use OpenFOAM?

    context: I work for a guy who is interested in CFD. But he is a licensed engineer in the telecom industry (w/ an MS in Telecom) and has forgotten most of the Calculus he took in college. My current working math knowledge is through Calc 3 (Multidimensional.), and about half of standard course...
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    Beginner's approach to CFD software?

    I am currently an "intern" at a company for a position primarily involving drafting cell site equipment. That is going quite well. But the owner of the company (an old friend of mine) has asked me to look up computational fluid dynamics softwares and begin to tinker with one, because he is...
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    Win10 change in method of adding file to 'path'?

    I am trying to add 'pip' in Python/Scripts to path in Win10 but the method available to do this seems to have changed recently. I used to just double click on 'path' in 'system variables' and paste path to pip (or whatever) at the end of a string of similar paths separated by a semicolon. But...
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    Python Extract all the text between the repeated unique strings in a large file

    How do I use Python to extract all text that comes between a recurring set of unique strings? Example: ABC;the red dragon;123, ABC;the blue dragons;123 ABC;the black dwarf;123, ABC;the gray elves;123 ABC;fantasy characters;123, ABC;winged balrogs;123 I want to parse through a large text file...
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    Web Scraping Py Script Generates Error for Old Norse Chars

    I have posted the Python code up front. See my question/inquiry below it. from urllib.request import urlopen from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import csv html = urlopen("") bsObj = BeautifulSoup(html) nameList = bsObj.findAll("strong") with...
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    Why does entering '0' terminate do-while loop here?

    I am relatively new to programming and C++ and for the life of me I can't figure out why entering a '0' as input in the do-while loop here terminates the loop. // vector::push_back #include <iostream> #include <vector> int main () { std::vector<int> myvector; int myint; std::cout <<...
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    I Zill DE text says (y-x)dx+(4xy)dy=0 can be rewritten as...

    Zill DE text says (y-x)dx+(4xy)dy=0 can be rewritten as: 4xy'+y=x Am I missing something? I got 4xyy'+y=x instead. Very rarely have I ever required starting a thread in a forum to resolve something as seemingly trivial as this but I just want to verify whether this is a typo or not. Here...
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    Ln(t) - t = 2; Solve for 't'?

    Homework Statement Is there a simple way to solve for 't' in the equation: ln(t) - t = 2 ? Just a curiosity. Not for a class. I've browsed to texts that cover logarithmic equations and haven't found a single problem or rule say how to solve for 't'. Homework Equations...
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    Python How to stop execution in python's Idle?

    I scoured internet for answer to no avail. I am new to python and was toying with large calculations, 99999**999999999 for instance, and Idle started running and became completely non responsive. Ctrl-c didn't work. The menu in shell became non-responsive. I had to x-out & restart Idle...
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    Wave on a string: time from y=2mm to -2mm. Amp. & Omega given. Best method?

    Homework Statement If y(x,t) = (6mm)sin(kx + (600rad/s)t + theta) describes a wave traveling along a string, how much time does any given point on the string take to move between displacements y = +2 mm and y = -2 mm? All known data are stated in above problem. Homework Equations I...
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    Non Student Teaching Self Physics: Question about Science Programming Languages.

    My situation is that I taught myself Calculus 1, 2 and some 3 over the last year, and the better part of Freshman physics for majors, mechanics and EM. I bought 4 texts to learn from: Halliday, Tipler, Giancoli, and Young and Freedman. And I just started learning Diff. Eq. & Linear Algebra...
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    Fortran Is F# Fortran for .NET?

    Is F# fortran for .NET? My roommate seems to be under the impression that it is something like that. But I can't find any clear info on it's relation to Fortran.
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    Fortran Newb Success! Gfortran & G77 in Vista. Step by Step Tutorial.

    Now that I have a suitable Fortran compiler I wonder what would be a good IDE. Anyway here is what I did: I am new to programming and command prompt usage. Here is the tutorial I used, then an added step that was necessary not covered in the link...
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    Vista Backspace function speed change?

    When I move cursor in text type field it goes to slow. How do I change that to fast?
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    Python Fortran/Python newbie tired of slogging through anti-tutorials online.

    Fortran/Python newbie tired of slogging through "anti-tutorials" online. Ok, here is a project I am giving myself. By this time next week I want to be compiling simple codes (in Windows Vista 32 bit), in Fortran and Python. I frankly haven't the slightest idea where to start. Ok, that was...
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    Java C,C++,Fortran,Java: better to learn them in linux or windows?

    I need to learn C, C++, and Fortran, and Java and am thinking of just ditching Vista and installing Ubuntu. Attempt to sell me on or against doing this. The only reason I have ever used windows is for gaming but i don't game much any more and am only mostly going to be on my home system...
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    What do Vegans Feed Their Cats?

    I am genuinely curious about the position of PETA advocates and hard-line vegetarians towards the cat/dog food industry. Is there some alternative 'more ethical' way of feeding your pets than by indiscriminately purchasing popular animal foods. I read in wiki article on cat food that vegan...
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    Is there a consensus on the philosophical assumptions of science?

    There are numerous lists online of the basic assumptions of science--too many for me to feel comfortable that there is actually a standardized consensus on this. Here is my question. What are the most generally accepted 'a prioris' of science? And how well do they stand up under careful...
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    A Prioris of Science?

    What are the basic "unproved" assumptions of science?
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    2 Parabolas Intersecting at 2 Know Points.

    Is it possible to find the equations of 2 parabolas intersecting at 2 known points, (0,0) and (50, 3.44) for instance. Looking for quicker way to find angular range of projectile launched from (0,0) and passing through x=50m y=3.44m when launched at 25m/s. I got the right answer by the tedious...
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    2 Parabolas Intersecting at 2 Know Points.

    Is it possible to find the equations of 2 parabolas intersecting at 2 known points? For example, (0, 0) and (50, 3.44).