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    Flywheel storage?

    I am studying renewable engineering at uni.. And found the flywheel storage interesting. I did my own research and found out that it is expensive to implement this technique. However, all the articles describe the cost as expensive, not with specific figure ($) So, I wonder what is...
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    Heat transfer- Solar energy collector problem (took me 3 days, unsolve

    Homework Statement I have attached the problem as an image and they are same as below. The collector-receiver combination tested above is chosen for use in a solar thermal power plant. plant consists of 100 rows of collector-receiver modules. For the receiver efficiency use the value...
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    DME gas through the regultor problem

    I am currently setting up a combustion experiment and I encountered a problem with a fuel I am using. For this set up, I am using DME and thread type is POL. After DME is evaporated in the bottle and pass through the regulator, it gets really cold that it almost freezes over in few...